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learn everything you need to become a professional PHP developer with practical exercises & projects.
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Learn to make awesome programs in php


  • All you need is a pc


Knowing PHP has allowed me to make enough money to stay home and make courses like this one for students all over the world. Being a PHP developer can allow anyone to make really good money online and offline, developing dynamic applications.

Knowing PHP will allow you to build web applications, websites or Content Management systems, like WordPress, Facebook, Twitter or even Google.

There is no limit to what you can do with this knowledge. PHP is one of the most important web programming languages to learn, and knowing it, will give you SUPER POWERS in the web development world and job market place.


Because Millions of websites and applications (the majority) use PHP. You can find a job anywhere or even work on your own, online and in places like freelancer or Odesk. You can definitely make a substantial income once you learn it.

Some of my students reviews for this course and others

Holy cr*********

Readed some books about PHP but it was such boring that i never finished a book and withhold me from learning, this course helped me out straight.. After seeing a free tut on youtube i subscribed the course and jeez, i don't even need goals to get or stay motivated cause i have the instructor: Edwin Diaz, his way of teaching is friggin awesome (and fun) and easy listening! To be honest its keeping me away from bed xD.. I really really love the course. If i need to describe the course from my personal view, one word: Epic! Really looking forward for the stuff that will be added in the future! Great job and thumbs up! Greetings from a Dutchy

Best PHP course************

This course is just awesome. You will learn the basics and then you will jump to making your own CMS. Every little piece of code is described very well, so you exactly know, what you are doing. After finishing this course I was ready to make my own social networking site and that's amazing isn't it? Another great part of this course is its instructor, who helps you with every issue you have in short time. I've have already done many internet courses, but this is definetly the best one.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn code

Course content

1 section24 lectures2h 1m total length
  • Introduction
  • Installing WANP
  • First php script
  • Comment in php
  • Variables in php
  • Strings part 1
  • Strings part 2
  • Strings part 3
  • Numbers part 1
  • Numbers part 2
  • Numbers part 3
  • Arrays
  • Associative arrays
  • Array functions
  • Boolean data type
  • Null Value
  • Constant
  • Implicit type conversion
  • Explicit type conversion
  • If statement
  • Else and elseif statement
  • Relational operators
  • Logical operators
  • Finding the largest of three numbers


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Rajan Singh
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