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Trolling with speed and aggression. Lead Level.
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Fast compsition in Photoshop.
Humorous composition in Photoshop.
AI generation of content in Photoshop 2024
Effective online trolling


  • Basic Photoshop skills required.
  • Basic skills with social media required.


You will learn how to find material for your composition which has the appropriate copyright.

In this course, we will use Adobe Photoshop 2024

You will learn how to cut out the interesting content from an image (with AI or manually depending on the quality of the AI result).

You will then learn how to do an image composition with the cut content in order to create a humorous and impactful effect.

You will learn basic psychological factors for successfull online trolling (based on how we see online trolling) and get an slight increased understanding of the limits.

This will be uploaded to social media platforms.

If we don't get blocked already, we will troll until blocked from at least one social platform.

If we don't get blocked, we will add more chapters to this course, generating increasingly fun content until we get blocked.

It is difficult to predict how many chapters with images and trolling is needed to be certain of the effect of getting banned). We will try to do this without being in violation of any rule or law (in the country of Sweden in which Personal Jesus AB operates).

This course will push the limit, so you don't have to with your own social media account.

In the Photoshop part of this course (the first part) faul language is beeped (sound redacted). The second part on online trolling is not recommended for people who dislike faul language or crude jokes.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who want to learn more about creating impactful Photoshop compositions and who has not gone pro yet.
  • Aspiring online trolls.


Head model and inspirational coach
Katten at Personal Jesus AB
  • 4.6 Instructor Rating
  • 2 Reviews
  • 539 Students
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