Photoshop Bootcamp For Photographers & Freelancers
4.5 (196 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
1,175 students enrolled

Photoshop Bootcamp For Photographers & Freelancers

A Complete Beginner's Guide for Aspiring Photographers and Designers
4.5 (196 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
1,175 students enrolled
Created by Khara Plicanic
Last updated 7/2017
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What you'll learn
  • Make crucial image adjustments to exposure, color, and contrast
  • Add creative edits to color and tone
  • Create convincing composites
  • Resize and reformat with confidence
  • Retouch with ease
  • Basic computer skills are definitely handy.
  • Platform doesn't matter: PC and Mac users are all welcome!
  • Photoshop should be installed and ready to go (Version is not terribly important; the course includes links to a 30-day free trial).
  • Course files are attached for each lecture; you can download them ahead of time for an uninterrupted learning experience.

If you are an artist at heart and you love beautiful, visually stimulating designs and eye catching photography, you will need to have a firm grasp of the basics of Photoshop. In this course, you will learn all the aspects of Photoshop that will enable you to accomplish the personal projects you have always dreamed of, and you will gain the skill set that will open the door to launching and expanding your career as a freelancer.

I created this practical Udemy course for you—filled with my unique insights from building my own business and teaching Photoshop around the world for over 10 years. My course is packed with project based, real world examples that demystify even the most seemingly complicated of functions, which makes it unlike any other course I’ve seen online.

This course is built specifically to get beginners off the bench and into the game, and it’s uniquely suited for the aspiring photographer and designer. Best of all, zero previous Photoshop experience is required. (Truly.).

Furthermore, for those who share my passion for photography, I added a bonus section on camera tips like how to use white balance and exposure compensation to elevate your photography skills to the next level.

Specifically, this cover will cover:

  • Making crucial image adjustments to exposure, color, and contrast

  • Making your projects stand out with color and tone

  • Creating stunning composites

  • Resizing, reformatting, cropping, and other tools of the trade

  • Building an entire client album with a single click

  • Completing several projects you can use in your own portfolio or with your own clients

  • Launching your freelancing career

  • Selling your work and winning more clients with design mockups

  • Handling last-minute client requests with ease

In addition to basics like tuning up images, making selections, and working with layers, we'll complete several projects you can use to grow your own business, including a logo, two different design mockups, a multi-format promotional piece, and a re-usable album pattern.

I want you to take the hassle out of your hustle because let’s face it: building a new skill set and launching a business can be a lot of work! Beginners will always have a soft spot in my heart because—I've been there. When I was cutting my Photoshop teeth, the Internet was in its very early days, and online learning was a far off dream. So I read books (some left much to be desired) and taught myself, struggling through things the hard way, which propelled me spare others the hassle.

Over the more than 10 years that I've been teaching Photoshop around the world, I've learned that for many who have tried but struggled to gain traction, it's really just a matter of explaining things in such a way that they suddenly click. I'm proud to say that I've been helping things "click" for everyone from hobbyists and total beginners of all ages, to working professionals who want to up their game.

Student Reviews

"The best online course what I've done so far. The instructor was skillful in field and also very good motivator and awesome speaker. I could not stop watching this course. I would definitely recommend this course for everyone who are interested in design and for who are lost and don't know where to start. I can't wait for the next courses by this instructor." —Radovan P.

"This is a great course, its fun and Khara keeps it light and interesting. For the first time ever I am remembering keyboard shortcuts, never happened before. I like the light harted terminology and the course material is very well thought out. Khara keeps up the pace but never overwhelms and I am learning loads of stuff that has eluded me in the past, an excellent course and one I would recommend to anyone just starting out with PS CC. I love it!" —Pete B.

"This course was awesome! I had previous Photoshop experience, so the beginning was a refresher course. But after a few lessons in, it went to a whole new level for me. The instructor is GREAT, I love her energy and personality, also I love her slang/pet names for some of the buttons/functions. It was really helpful to remember those buttons! It was well worth the money and I will tell others! I am really, really impressed.. I will look for other courses that she may teach, and order them as well (if they apply to me)." —John P.

So Let's Do This!

Enroll today to sharpen your Photoshop skill set and multiply your freelance opportunities!

(Not to mention: this is obviously going to be ridiculously fun—right?!? I'll see you in the course!)

Who this course is for:
  • Aspiring freelance photographers and designers who want to build their Photoshop skill set to launch or expand their own business
  • People whose job descriptions have been expanded to include graphic design and Photoshop skills
  • Photo and design hobbyists interested in various personal projects
  • This course offers students a comprehensive foundation in Photoshop concepts. It is *not* for advanced users looking for a technically driven deep dive into the blue yonder of obscure Photoshop functions.
Course content
Expand all 177 lectures 09:53:38
+ Welcome!
4 lectures 13:40

Welcome! I'm thrilled you're on this Photoshop journey with me. Great things are ahead for you in this course!

Preview 02:52

For this course, you'll need an open mind, sense of adventure, and—Photoshop! The specific version is not important, neither is your platform (PC/Mac). (You can always find a free Photoshop trial available at This quick overview will clear up confusion surrounding the more recent move to cloud/subscription based access.

To avoid the tedium of downloading individual files, once you enroll in the course, you'll find a .zip file with all the course images (organized into folders by section) attached to the intro lecture for section 2 (aka: lecture #5). This way you can download everything all at once (instead of bit by bit) so you can roll full steam ahead, without interruption. :)

Preview 01:35

In this lecture, we'll go over three things:

  1. What is Photoshop—reeeallly?
  2. There are no wrong answers!
  3. Experimentation is crucial.
Preview 01:51

Experimentation is key in Photoshop, and that means you have to know how to back up and undo things (sometimes multiple things!) quickly and easily. This lecture will introduce you to the History panel, taking the fear out of making mistakes.

Preview 07:22
+ Setting Up Shop
10 lectures 33:06

Feeling comfortable (and less clumsy) is the goal in this section! We’ll go over how the workspace is organized, how the toolbar works, how to find and work with panels, how to get started with keyboard shortcuts, and how to navigate in (and between) images.

PS: If you'd prefer to download all the files for the course as one giant .zip file (instead of individual downloads for each lecture), you'll find what you need attached to the resources for this lecture.


Learn how tools are organized, where to edit their control options, and an overview of keyboard shortcuts.

The Toolbar

In this lecture, you'll uncover a hidden image while practicing repeatedly switching tools using your keyboard. So cool!

EXERCISE: Tool Switch Quick Draw

Keyboard shortcuts rule! But why are they sooooo important? In this lecture, you'll learn where to find/learn them, how to edit/customize/create them, as well as how to save and export them.

The Skinny on Shortcuts

This lecture covers an overview of key panels, where to find them, how to manipulate and organize them, and how to save your workspace.

Panels Explained

Here's a quick look at preference settings and options.

Customize Your Preferences

Explore options for color preferences and color profiles.

Customize Your Color Settings

Juggling multiple open images doesn't have to be a headache! Learn some tips for finding, opening, browsing, and arranging multiple images.

EXERCISE: Juggling Multiple Images

Banish that clumsy feeling forever, and learn how to scoot, zoom, and scroll around your images—with your keyboard! This exercise file contains three surprises to encourage you to practice. Can you find them all?

EXERCISE: Navigate Like a Boss
+ Tune Up Your Photos: Color and Exposure
12 lectures 38:26

In this lecture, I'll show you how to make basic image tune-ups (including non-destructive edits) to things like exposure, contrast, and color. You'll also get to know the histogram—it's not as scary as you think!


We'll unlock the mysteries of what "exposure" means, while learning to adjust brightness and contrast.


By the end of this lecture, you'll be fluent in reading a histogram.

Levels and Reading a Histogram
EXERCISE: Comparing Histograms

We'll practice using the Levels command to adjust exposure.

EXERCISE: Correcting Exposure

Let's take a quick peek at how to use the Curves command.

A Glimpse at Curves

Welcome to a crash course on how Photoshop handles color.

Color in Photoshop

Learn how to make an auto color adjustment or a manual shift in color balance.

Color Correction: An Intuitive Approach

Don't let your eyes fool you! In this lecture, you'll learn to color correct an image based on sampled numerical values.

Color Correction: Driven by Numbers

Up until now, we've been making destructive edits. While they have their time and place, it's a better practice to make your edits non-destructively using Adjustment Layers.

Adjustment Layers: Working Non-Destructively

Let's practice everything we've learned so far while walking through an image tune-up together, from top to bottom!

EXERCISE: Image Tune Up
+ Save Your Work (the Right Way!)
5 lectures 11:03

Format matters, and there's more to saving your files than just choosing File>Save and going with the Photoshop default settings. Join me in this section to get the scoop!


Do you know the difference between a JPG and a PSD? Learn how and when to choose each one.

File Formats

What are all those file options about, anyway? What happens to layers in a JPG? The answers are all here!

Save It Already!

You won't believe the difference in file size when saving to a JPG versus a PSD. In this lecture, we'll save the same image to both formats and compare—the results will likely surprise you!

EXERCISE: File Size Comparison: PSD vs. JPG
+ Creative Color Effects
12 lectures 47:28

Once you have a healthy image, you can start to work on fun stuff like color! In this section, we'll dive into color tweaks, black and white conversions, and more!


In this lecture, we'll use a hue/saturation adjustment layer to skew the overall colors, as well as target specific colors and adjust them separately.

Recolor with Hue/Saturation

If you've ever struggled to create color themes, you'll love what you can do with the Swatches and Adobe Color Themes panels!

Color Swatches

If you've ever been overwhelmed or confused by the Color Picker, this lecture is for you!

Color Picker

Changing colors is fun! In this lecture, we'll replace one color with another.

Color Replacement

Need to change the color of something? Check out the Color Replacement Brush!

Color Replacement Brush

Learn how a simple color overlay layer can dramatically change the look and feel of an image. 

Color Overlay

Learn to use photo filters to enhance or alter the colors of an image.

Photo Filters

Gradient maps RULE! You won't believe the subtle or dramatic impact they can have on your images.

Advanced Color Effects with Gradient Maps

Converting to black and white is an art form all its own. Check out all the ways you can customize your own!

Black and White Conversion
EXERCISE: (Re)Color Your World!
+ Making Selections
11 lectures 54:51

Let's talk about making selections, shall we? Selections are what allow you to "grab" things in Photoshop, whether to move them, remove them, tweak them, etc. Some selections are simple, but others can be more complicated. With a little know-how, you'll be amazed at what you can do with selections; watch this section to find out!


Use the magic wand to transplant an elephant from one scene to another.

Magic Wand

More fun with the Magic Wand! In this lecture, we'll use the Magic Wand to fill the sky with hot air balloons.

More Magic Wand

This is the first of three lectures where we'll be moving an airplane from one background to another. Here, we'll use the Selection Brush to select the body of the plane, before continuing in the next two lectures.

Selection Brush

Continuing from the previous lecture, we'll use Quick Mask Mode to select (and properly reflect the motion of) the plane's propellers.

Quick Mask

Finishing the project we started two lectures back, we'll polish the final image by adding realism using the Match Color command and a simple Photo Filter.

Add Realism with Match Color and Photo Filter

Marquee tools may seem simple at first glance, but they prove to be endlessly useful. Here, we'll use the elliptical marquee tool to make a selection and add it to the design for a magazine cover. The project continues in the next lecture.

Marquee Selection Tools

Continued from the previous lecture, we'll finish creating a magazine cover composite using a lasso tool.

Lasso Tools

Furry selections can be tricky, but not if you have some selection know-how! In this lecture, we'll select a number of furry animals and move them into a new scene.

Furry Selections
EXERCISE: Composite This!
+ Layers!
11 lectures 01:03:32

Layers are an integral part of Photoshop. By the end of this section, you'll know what they are and how to get the most out of them. Learning about layers also means making sense of smart objects, layer masks and layer effects. Lots of powerful stuff here!


You probably understand layers better than you think; you just might not know it yet. After this lecture, making sense of layers will be a breeze!

What's a Layer?

So. Much. Goodness. Here! We'll go over selecting and moving layers, toggling their visibility, adjusting opacity and blend mode, renaming and grouping layers, and what transparency looks like.

Layers Panel Know-It-All

Where do layers come from? Let's find out!

Creating Layers

Continued from the previous lecture, here we'll learn the ultra important command: Free Transform.

Transforming Layers

In the third part of a four-lecture series, you'll learn what Smart Objects are and when/how to use them. It's transformation without the data loss, and who doesn't want that?

Smart Objects

Transparency is more than a buzz word; it's a whole "thing" in Photoshop. This lecture will make it all clear. (Pun intended.)


Don't erase your layers; hide them—with layer masks!

Layer Masks

Waaay more fun than clipping coupons is Clipping GROUPS!  A powerful feature for controlling which layers appear where, once you get the hang of it, you'll find hundreds of ways to put Clipping Groups to good use.

Clipping Groups

Why not learn about layer styles while using them to create a neon sign!?

EXERCISE: Layer Styles
+ PROJECT: Create a Mockup (or two!)
7 lectures 31:23

What's a mockup and why are they so awesome? In this section, we'll put everything we've learned so far into action and create not one, but two mockups that you'll be able to reuse over and over again when showcasing your own projects.


Where do you find the source files for a mockup? How do you know what to look for?

Choosing (or Creating) Source Images

Mockup Scene 1, Part 1: In this lecture, we'll select and place several items into a composited scene. (Continued in next lecture.)

Select and Place Source Objects

Mockup Scene 1, Part 2: Continuing from the previous lecture, we'll add some final touches of realism to complete this scene.

Adding Realism

Mockup Scene 2, Part 1: In this lecture, we'll select and place several items into a composited scene. (Continued in next lecture.)

Scene 2: Select and Place Source Objects

Mockup Scene 2, Part 2: Let's bring this mockup home by adding shadows and the illusion of depth!

Scene 2: Add Shadows and Depth
+ Mastering Brushes
9 lectures 24:19

Photoshop's brushes are mighty powerful, and they serve as the foundation of many other tools, from painting to retouching. Learn how to use, edit, and create new brushes from scratch.


Practice changing the size and hardness of your brushes (with the keyboard, of course).

Brush Basics

Who knew Photoshop had so many awesome brushes built in? Come see what all the fuss is about!

Awesome Brushes You Didn’t Know You Had

What makes one brush different from another? Besides the shape of the brush itself, it's the particular settings for things like scatter, hue jitter, spacing, and more that can dramatically change the way a brush works. The options are as endless as they are incredible!

Customize Your Brush

In addition to the oodles of brushes that come with Photoshop, you can also make your own!

Make Your Own Brush!

Once you create a brush you love, it's handy to know how to save it. Of course, saving brushes means you can also load them. This makes it easy to share brushes that you create with others, and vice versa!

Saving and Loading Brushes
Get Inspired
+ The Magic of Retouching
17 lectures 59:01

Retouching can mean everything from removing an unwanted object to shedding a few pounds from your mid-section. No matter what kind of retouching you plan to do, the basic process is the same. It’s not even new to Photoshop—the first techniques we’ll look at are as old as photography itself.


Dodging and burning has been part of the retouching process for as long as photography has existed. Photoshop makes it easier than ever.

Dodging & Burning

The Spot Healing Brush makes simple retouching quick and painless. Your clients will thank you!

Spot Healing Brush

Have a client requesting tattoo removal? Don't panic; it's easy!

Healing Brush

The Healing Brush and Clone Stamp are two different tools, and each has their place in client projects. In this lecture, you'll learn how and when to use each one.

Clone Stamp

The Patch Tool has been around longer than a lot of the other retouching tools in Photoshop. In this lecture, you'll see why it continues to be the go-to tool for a quick and easy fix.

Patch Tool

Make unwanted objects disappear or redesign a photo's composition to save the day—with the magic of Content Aware.

Content Aware Fill & Move

In this lecture, we'll combine everything we've covered so far to clean up an image for a client's marketing needs.

EXERCISE: Straighten Your Room!

One of the most important parts of developing your skill as a retoucher is knowing when to stop.

How Much is Too Much?

Need to fix a blink shot? Was someone's smile better in one photo than another? You already know everything you need to know to be able to fix it. This lecture will just bring it home for you!

Altering Facial Expressions

Fixing red-eye is a breeze! It may be the easiest thing to do in all of Photoshop. Come see for yourself!

Fixing Red-Eye

The eyes are often the soul of an image. A skillful edit can have a dramatic impact.

Brighten Eyes

Whitening teeth is not the same thing as brightening them. In this lecture you'll learn how to do it quickly and easily (and most importantly—realistically).

Whitening Teeth

Retouching wrinkles is a super popular request from clients. In this lecture you'll learn how to strike the balance between making clients happy while still keeping things real.

Retouching Wrinkles

Take your retouching skills to the next level with frequency separation.

Advanced Retouching: Frequency Separation
EXERCISE: Portrait Retouch