Photoshop Rapid Run-Through (Basics required)

Refresher course for someone accustomed to basics. A jumble of 10 tasks rapidly covered in 5 minutes.
Photoshop super quick run through.
Extraction techniques (pen tool, magic wand, lasso, quickmask).
General photo enhancement & manipulation.
Cropping, resizing, rotating & flipping images.
Modifying & saving selections & other misc stuff.


  • A fundamental, basic knowledge of Photoshop will help.


Some basic understanding of Photoshop will be required to fully understand & follow along.

We will perform a very quick run through of:

  • Some important Photoshop overview & basics.

  • General shortcuts.

  • Selection tools:

    • Magic Wand Tool

    • Polygonal Lasso Tool

    • Pen Tool

    • Quick Mask

  • General photo enhancement.

  • Correcting exposure.

  • Curves for color enhancement.

  • Shadow/Highlights.

  • Smart sharpen.

  • Resizing, cropping and rotating images.

  • Yep that's pretty much about it. Nothing much but I still hope this helps someone out there at least...

Just a Malaysian trainer here messing around in UDEMY. Because why not eh?

This video is not meant to be a comprehensive training course nor is it part of a larger course on UDEMY or anything like that. This one single video uploaded here is just something I made quite some time ago out of absolute pure boredom (due to a severe covid lockdown). In this video, I cover some random aspects of Photoshopping - mostly beginner stuff really. Check it out maybe and have some fun! I suppose that this is more a 'refresher video' for a beginner who is already accustomed to some basics and can possibly appreciate some reminders here and there. A jumble of several core Photoshop tasks rapidly covered within only 5 minutes is what this is.

So umm... hope you'll enjoy it and thank you very much and have a great day, week or even a great entire month! Because why not eh?

Who this course is for:

  • A refresher course for someone accustomed to some basics.
  • Those who would like to see a rapid demo of what PS can do.
  • If you are interested in a jumble of 10 tasks rapidly covered in 5 minutes.

Course content

2 sections9 lectures46m total length
  • A Very Quick Introduction
  • Photoshop Overview
  • General Photo Enhancement (Destructive)
  • Crop, Resize, Rotate & Flip Images


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