Photography: Start an Online Business with your Photography
3.7 (79 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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Photography: Start an Online Business with your Photography

Plenty of Ideas on how to Start a Business with Social Media for your Photography: Instagram, Facebook, and much more
3.7 (79 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
6,472 students enrolled
Created by Anja Altberger
Last updated 4/2016
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What you'll learn
  • Understand the logics behind making a living from websites, social networks, and other online platforms
  • Generate ideas around their passion - photography - that can lead to substantial revenues online
  • Build a multi-platform strategy to increase their impact with one project
  • Stay motivated all along, thanks to many examples to illustrate the concepts of the course
  • Know where to have a look to get inspired and have ideas
  • Chose the right platforms for the right projects
  • Maximize their chances of making money via stock photography - even thought the latter is not the main focus of this course!
  • There are no prerequisites for this course
  • However, patience, consistence and motivation are necessary to make it!

*** First version of this course published end of March 2016***

If you are PASSIONATE ABOUT PHOTOGRAPHY (amateur or professional) and are wondering how you could MAKE MONEY ONLINE from this passion, then this course is just the right one for you. However, although I will be giving a few tips that I believe could increase your chances of selling via Stock Photography, this is NOT the focus we will be taking throughout this course. Instead, we will be looking into CREATIVE WAYS, that may appear less obvious at first, of earning a living out of Photography. These will include platforms such as FACEBOOK, WEBSITES, INSTAGRAM and much more… 

To create this course, I have combined my interest for photography, the high number of examples I have gathered over time as well as my knowledge about Making Money Online - since I write blogs in both French and German on the subject. Personally, I am only an amateur when it comes to Photography, yet I myself have sold a couple of pictures online already. 

Since I have now many ideas of how you could make a living out of Photography, I've decided to create this course! 

Be careful though! This course IS NOT A GET-RICH-QUICK scheme! There is no such thing as becoming a millionaire overnight… Except maybe for a few exceptions (of which winning at the lottery!). You will need to be patient, passionate, determined and stay motivated to make it! Of course, you could try your project idea out on the side, do not expect to earn high returns after just a few weeks...

Of course, we will look into plenty of examples to illustrate the concepts throughout the course. This way you should stay motivated all along! These also intend to show you what works and to help you understand the main patterns behind the Online Business world, but for Photography.

All the ideas presented could also work for other passions you may have, even the the examples may not be tailored to these. 

Who this course is for:
  • This course is for people who are passionate about photography - whether amateurs or professionals - yet have little knowledge of the online business world
  • This course is NOT for people who have an extensive knowledge of online monetization strategies
  • This course is NOT for people who are looking for get-rich-quick schemes
Course content
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+ Welcome to this course!
2 lectures 03:06

Take a few seconds to introduce yourself in the Discussion Board: I'd love to know who you are, where you are from, and why you are taking this course...

Who are you btw?

As a (complete!) amateur, I even managed to sell my first photos online quite quickly… Given all the ways you can make money online now, there are endless possibilities for you to make money out of your passion for photography, even if you are just starting! However - be prepared to invest time and effort before you get any return...

Preview 03:06
+ Let's get creative to make money online
30 lectures 01:47:48

Like instagram? Have some followers? Did you know that you could monetize them - even if you're not having 100k followers…?

The Instagram industry

Check out these platforms to monetize your Instagram followers...

Instagram - links to monetization platforms

Use momentum, appeal to your followers sympathy and emotions… get rewarded for your work!

Instagram example: $15k in one day?

Illustrating the previous example - great work, but still at your reach as well...

Instagram example - what type of work was it?

Facebook is a great (and fairly easy) way of presenting your work and most of all engaging with your community of fans. First step: make sure you present well: the best is to see what works, observe other people's great Facebook Pages and apply...

Facebook Page: present well online

Read this article (link included) to understand that having Facebook Likes may not be the most important...

Facebook Page Likes: Maybe, Maybe not...

The best way to go about it, according to me, is to build a brand with a very special idea or focus. Going from there, people will identify or like it - and once you have built a community, you can start monetizing your work!

Facebook Page: how to make money

Have a look at this Facebook Page that does it all right to maximize the benefits out of the community it built over the years...

Facebook Page: one successful example
Please, stay motivated!!!

Here are a couple of money-making mindsets & options to always keep in mind whatever project you are doing and whatever social platform you start using...

Things to keep in mind for any project you are doing...

Crowdfunding can be a great way to finally get some revenue out of your great photography work, or even the other way around: create a buzz around your amazing project to get financed… See this example: a great photographer that over financed her future work!

Crowdfunding: benefit from your community

Here are a few ideas to get started… If you have already a certain type of photography you like doing and can't find a brand idea to go with it - let me know! I'll brainstorm for you...

Creating your own brand - a couple of my ideas for you

A first idea or where to have a look at for original ideas and project that may work! Get fired up for the course, and have a naive look before you become an expert and understand how these people may be making very good money with photography….

Where to find ideas and inspiration: one website example
Step 1 of your project: What's your passion?

If you would be able and eager to combine your Photography skills with writing, this method may very well be for you...

Viral Website: what I call the online magazine way

This online magazine has been skyrocketing since 2015 - read this article to know more about it...

Brief story of an online magazine

Don't forget I am here for any questions, or to improve my course if anything may be missing!

Interlude: Motivation problem?

An App that could save you a lot of time and trouble...

This New App is the way to go!

Even thought this is not the focus of the course, I believe this should be one of your side-strategies and therefore wanted to motivate you with these few examples...

Examples to get you motivated for stock photography

Even though I'd personally focus on the New App, here are a few other Apps you should also look into if you're interested - make your choice but don't get lost in the diversity of options!

A few Apps for selling your photos...

Think selling a book is totally out of reach? Well, if you have a great portfolio of photos or a good project in mind, it may be easier than you think - at least you can auto-publish with a small version first to test your idea and get some social proof...

Selling a Book - one concrete example

I hope these examples get you fired up - motivation is key, and you should get loads of ideas with this lecture...

Selling a book - more examples...

After we've seen the examples, here is the strategy I would follow if I were to be selling a(n) (e)Book with photos...

Selling a Book: Summing up the ideas

Here are a few ideas of how you could use this platform to get a recurring revenue (either per content produced or per month) with photography...

Crowdfunding but to get a recurring revenue

2 examples that should inspire you to make a living out this platform...

Recurring Crowdfunding - 2 great examples

Use a well-known freelance platform that could help you earn some extra money with your skills, solutions, products… Follow this mindset and these ideas to make the most out of it!

Selling your skills, solutions or products

Inviting you to give me your feedback so that the course can be better and better...


You have great engaged followers ? Make the most out of this thanks to this platform...

The value of your community

The way I would use iTunes for Photography...

iTunes - may help you get organic followers

Are you getting tired of this one project you've been doing for a while? Have a look at these platforms and see how your exit strategy also can bring you a bit of money...

Sell your profile!
+ Recommended strategy and back-up
3 lectures 09:29

The way I would go about it - be focused, consistent, and patient.

Recommended strategy

These ideas will (I hope) help you see where you can also make a living out of your passion. It is crucial to diversify, especially at the beginning, in order to both maximize your chances to earn a living and stay motivated...

Indirect ways of making money
Worth reading...
+ Where to go from here...
4 lectures 08:55

Don't wait. Follow these steps and pick your idea NOW to make sure you don't lose momentum...

Pick your idea

Get started with the core of your work right away. Once you'll have started concretely, it will help you believe in the project you are willing to do..

Start right away

No need to overdo do it and be "everywhere", yet diversifying on social media still can be a huge plus. Just pick one to three social media to start with. Once you've got these under control, you can start working with more...

Go social

I know, this seems trivial. Yet it's the core of it. Follow these pieces of advice to make sure you stay motivated all along...

Stay motivated
+ Bonus - quick overview of the more traditional ways: Offline & Stock Photograpy
5 lectures 11:57

The subject of this course is not the traditional way of making money with photography (e.g. locally in the "physical world" or via stock photography) but rather how you could make the most out of your skills using the new possibilities offered by the online world...

Preview 02:47

That's the ancient way… But it still is needed, and you should also take advantage of local opportunities to make ends meet and get trained. Plus: if you obtain the rights to put your pics online, why not sell them on stock online as well?

Preview 03:44

This is the "traditional" online way of earning money with your photography… Not to be dismissed either, but stay realistic about the time it needs to be earning good money, and the amounts you can actually earn via this way eventually...

Stock photography

I sold my first picture online for $5 - to my biggest surprise! It was taking with an old compact camera, in 2009… And I had absolutely no photographer skills by then, I was only enjoying my vacation...

Preview 01:53

An article about a top seller on stock photography website Alamy. It is possible, but it's hard work and needs time. Diversify, so you increase your chances of earning a good revenue...

Be realistic - Diversification is key!
+ Bonus Section: What else do I do/offer?
1 lecture 00:42

After one of my students asked for a possibility to give one-on-one help and brainstorming sessions, here is the info for this, and all the other contact detail & information about my projects...

Bonus Lecture: Possibility to book one on one sessions & more about me