Phone and Skype Interview Mastery: Key To More Job Offers!
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Phone and Skype Interview Mastery: Key To More Job Offers!

Be confident & perfect on your next virtual job interview using the key Interviewing skills to stand out and get hired!
Highest Rated
4.8 (91 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
2,870 students enrolled
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What you'll learn
  • Be confident and very skilled with virtual interviewing such as over the Telephone and Skype calls.
  • Overcome screening interviews that are designed to screen you out and instead turn it around to make you stand out!
  • Understand how virtual interviews are very different and in some areas similar to traditional face-to-face interviews. Being able to adapt is the key to success.
  • Prepare yourself with key interview question categories so you are ready for anything.
  • Communicate the top things that make you stand out so you are not at the mercy of simply answering questions.
  • Leverage key tips that may seem simple such as what ring to answer the telephone to getting your voice ready like a pro that can make a big difference
  • Answer questions in a vivid and descriptive manner while still being on point with your answers.
  • Be great at interviewing with different interviewers from the HR Screening interview to the Boss of the Hiring Manager who will quickly decide yes or no on your candidacy.
  • Handle questions on pay and other compensation that sets you up for a great offer without knocking you out if asked early in a screening interview.
  • Learn many skills that are not only focused on virtual interviews but can be applied to traditional interviews as well.
  • No pre-requisites just a desire to learn and apply what you learn to your advantage.

"This course is jam packed with great info to help anyone improve their skills and get positive results in their next interview."-Ken Long

"Thorough and Thoroughly enjoyable. The presenter was very upbeat and supportive, speaking from years of experience."-K Gartner

Interviewing is a key skill that leads to job offers and being great at virtual interviews over mediums such as the telephone or Skype is critical in today's global job market.

Unfortunately, most people are not skilled at this type of interview and really hurt their chances to move forward in the interviewing process and get the job offers they desire and deserve. Not being great at interviewing, particularly virtual interviews, after working so hard during the job search process is like running a winning race and falling down at the finish line. All your hard work during the job search should culminate at the interview stage with a job offer for you!

The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle. -Steve Jobs

However, for those who are skilled with interviewing in general and particularly with virtual interviewing they will really stand out from the competition and have a much better chance of success!


You will learn:

  • How Virtual Interviews can be to your advantage.
  • How screening interviews are conducted and how you can ace them.
  • That virtual interviews have some similarities and some very big differences compared to traditional face-to-face interviews.
  • Key tips to prepare your interview environment and technology so you can focus on being great during the interview.
  • Best practices to prepare for the interview from understanding key question categories that are asked to knowing how to talk about your most key things that help promote you.
  • Being great on the interview with a combination of being on point while providing vivid and descriptive answers.
  • Handling questions around compensation.
  • How to be great with each type of interviewer from HR screening interviews to potential Co-Worker interviews and even the Boss of the Hiring Manager.

Your instructor will share the best practices learned from many years of interviewing others and putting those techniques to his personal success when sitting on the other side of the desk and will share everything with you.

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Many thanks and I appreciate your interest and hope to see you in the course!

-Steve Ballinger

Who this course is for:
  • Course is great for anyone looking to have an edge in their job search process particularly when interviewing.
  • Designed for those who are not 100% comfortable with virtual interviews and would like to be great on them.
  • If you have great experience with interviewing in general and particularly phone and Skype interviewing then the course may not be for you unless looking for additional best practices.
Course content
Expand all 29 lectures 03:01:56
+ Introduction
5 lectures 30:16

Overview of the course and how to ask questions to personalize the coruse for you and leverage the instructors knowledge.

Preview 05:35

Screening interviews is the most popular way to use virtual interviews wither though the telephone, Skype, or some other method. You will learn how to successfully get through a screening interview so you can have more interviews with the organization either virtual; of face-to-face interviewing.

Preview 05:53

Companies can do an interview virtually at a moments notice and you need to be ready.

Have To Be Ready At All Times.

Virtual interviews can be of tremendous advnatge to you as most people do not interview well in generqal and particually they are not great at virtual interviews which can give the prepared person a big advnatge,

Preview 07:21

Good to understand the views of the people on the other side of the desk and your instructor will give you inside information on why organisations are using telephone and Skype interviews more than ever.

Advantages Of Virtual Interviews For The Employer.

Quiz: Introduction

Quiz: Introduction
2 questions
+ Virtual Interviews: Similarity And Differences to Face-To-Face Interviews.
2 lectures 11:51

Learn the similarities so you can apply your previous experience most effectively in a virutal interiview situtaion.

How Is A Phone Or Skype Interview The Same As Face-To-Face.

Phone and Skype and other virutal interviews are differnet. Thet feel different and can lead to differnt outcomes particualy favorable outcomes for those who understand the differnces.

How Is A Phone Or Skype Interview Different Than Face-To-Face.

Quiz: Similarities and Differences

Quiz: Similarities and Differences
2 questions
+ Preparing The Interview Environment
3 lectures 24:36

Get you telephone, computer, and other devices all set so you can focus on your interview and not the technology.

Technology Investment, Setup, And Testing.

More than being comfortable you need your lcoation to put you in a professioanl frame of mind and work to your advnatge.

Getting Your Interview Location All Set So You Can be At Your Best

The key things to have at your fingertips so you are not caught unaware of a key fact or item and really impress your interviewer.

Have Your Reference Materials Nearby.

Quiz: Prepare The Interview Environment

Quiz: Prepare The Interview Environment
2 questions
+ Preparing Yourself
5 lectures 25:48

How to quickly research a compmany so you can stand out.

Company And Job Description Research

The #1 best practice so you can be more than just answering questions but instead can work in the key things about you into the interview.

VERY IMPORTANT-What Do You Want To Highlight!

Overview of key question categories to be ready for that are commonly asked in a virtual interview but this lesson is also great for traditional interviews as well.

Interview Question Categories To Prepare For.

Short lesson that emphasis the importance of practicing for you virtual interview.

Practice, Practice, And Practice.

Interviewiers on a Phone and Skype interview depend a great deal more on your voice to form and impression on you and this lesson teaches you how to get your voice ready for success.

Getting Your Voice Ready Like The Voice Over Pros.

Quiz: Preparing Yourself

Quiz: Preparing Yourself
2 questions
+ During The Interview
7 lectures 37:35

Answering the phone on the correct ring may not seem like a big deal but actually it is. Learn why in this lesson adn teh best time to answer.

Shouid I Answer On the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th ring?

The interview has a natural flow that is slightly differnt with a phone or Skype interivew and important to understadn how so you can know what to expect.

Typical Phone Or Skype Actual Interview Flow

Obviously not like a face-to-face interview but you actually make a first impression vitrtually and just as important that it is a good one.

First Impressions Still Count.

Important to not ramble during interviews and particularly on a virtual interview.

Be And Stay On Point

Learn how to paint the best picture of yourself while still being on point.

Answer In A Very Vivid And Descriptive Manner

Common that compensation and pay questions are asked early by employers particualrly in screening interviews so they can screen you out. Learn how to answer these challenging situations adn turn to your advanatge,

How To Answer Salary And Compensation Questions.

Key things that most people do not do that can get you ready for your next interviews and eventually the job offer!

What To Do After The Interview.

Quiz: During the Interview

Quiz: During the Interview
2 questions
+ Interview By Position Types
6 lectures 46:27

HR typically will do screening interviews virtually and elarn how to interivew with this key position you are most likely to run into when doing a virtual intervioew.

Human Resources (HR)

Co-Workers and Peers can really hurt your chances if you do interview well with them. Turn them to allies and get hired.

Co-Workers And Peers.

The remote executive who is approving their managers decision by interiviewing you. Don't stubmle here as this could be the last interview before you get an offer.

Your Potential Bosses...Boss!

May interview early with the Hiring Manager and then later face-to-face if you can shine in the phone or Skype interview.

The Hiring Manager

Undestand the differnce between professional consuting recruiters and those who work for the origanization.


Virtual interviews are challenging enough and then layer on interviewing with several people at the same time makes it even tougher. Learn how to ace this interivew.

Group Interviews
Quiz: Interview By Position Types
Quiz: Interview By Position Types
2 questions
+ Next Steps
1 lecture 05:23

The key steps to tkae next and apply what you learned.

Next Steps.