Personality Transplant: Realness & Life Purpose

A course in personal transformation for anybody that wants to GROW REAL
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Learn your REAL values and intentions and start turning them into ACTION
Identify and overcome the mindset that's holding you back from success.
Explore why facing DEATH will help you grow more authentic.
Reverse engineer your belief system so you can improve your emotional relationshp with yourself.


  • A very open-mind and a few hours.


This is a free preview of the 7-Day Personality Transplant System Shock for Realness and Life Purpose (a free course that takes you over an intense 7-Days of looking at yourself, the world, and reality to find realness and life purpose).

In this free preview, you'll get the first two days and the accompanying workbook exercises so you can integrate your learning: 

Day 1: Death - Discover what you truly value and what you want to achieve in your life by embracing the reality that you time, energy and attention are your most important assets. 

-Figure out your true values

-Figure out your true intentions

-Start taking real ACTION 

-Learn the true value of your time, energy and attention

-Learn to work with natural laws of life and raise your AWARENESS

Day 2: Activity - Identify and overcome the mindset that's holding you back from success by looking at your belief system and the emotional 'stuff' underpinning it.

-Figure out your limiting beliefs

-Tell where you're holding yourself by being passive

-Learn about how personal transformation is always about closing the gap

-Assess your mindset so you can make real changes

-Learn how you EGO gets in the way of your real life

-Start to work with the PROCESS of real living

This is a REAL course in personal transformation and changing your life!

Who this course is for:

  • Anybody on a journey of personal growth who wants to go deeper into themselves and life.


Real always works (olianderson.co.uk)
Oli Anderson
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Oh, hi there.

I'm Oli Anderson and I'm a creative performance coach and author.

I help people to live lives that are more REAL and to build businesses and creative projects that are an expression of the things they really care about.

Most of my books and content focus on helping you to cultivate unconditional self-acceptance by flowing with your natural drive towards more wholeness and connection between yourself, the world, and reality.

I have a podcast called Creative Status that looks at how the creative process is actually the process of deconstructing the ego,  integrating the shadow self, and then building a real life.

My main books about all this 'stuff' are 'Personal Revolutions: A Short Course in Realness' and 'Shadow Life: Freedom from BS in an Unreal World'.

All of my courses and content are about helping you to get out of your own way, allow something real to emerge, and living a life that you can truly be happy about.

Visit my website for coaching or to get in touch.

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