Personalised Jewellery Design Using Blender 2.9

Create personalised jewellery will relative ease and no investment in equipment or software (all free)
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Students will learn how easy it is to use 3D design software (Blender 2.9) to create personalised jewellery using Parametric Smart Objects.
Students will learn transferable 3D design skills as a wide range of items can be created using Parametric Smart Objects.


  • Computer literate.
  • Windows or Apple or Linux Computer.
  • A three button mouse.


This video course is aimed at anyone who wishes to create their own personalised jewellery without having to invest in any equipment or software (all software is Open Source and hence downloadable for free from the internet). We use Blender as the main software and we will show you how to setup Blender for jewellery design and how to install special addons for Blender that make jewellery design easier. Using the software tool Blender (used by millions) coupled with the JewelCraft addon and with the added function of using FluidDesigner Parametric Smart Objects created by the author of this course anyone can create their own jewellery with ease. This combination of software allows the user to simply join objects together to create complex 3D printable jewellery, and other useful objects, with little technical skill or knowledge. Anyone can create their own personalised jewellery and get it 3D printed at Shapeways, an online manufacturer who you simply upload your file to get made in silver, gold, bronze, plastic, etc., or even print at home on a desktop printer in wax (which can then be set to your local casting house) or alternatively cheap disposable plastic jewellery can made on a home printer. You will learn transferable 3D design skills as a wide range of items can be created using Parametric Smart Objects.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners.
  • Anyone who wishes to be able to create their own personalised jewellery.
  • Anyone who wishes to add computer design skills to their existing jewellery skills.
  • Anyone who wishes to learn about 3D design using Curves.

Course content

7 sections7 lectures1h 53m total length
  • How to set up the UI and install the add-ons required for this course.


Paul Summers
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I have a Degree in Manufacturing Engineering and a PGCE in Mathematics with nearly forty years' experience as a Lecturer and Tutor. I have published 20+ workbooks for students of IT/Computing as well as running online courses in IT on Moodle. I have previously taught CAD in an FE College. I now run 1:1 Jewellery Design Courses using Blender as is used on the course listed here. 3D Printing is a technology which brings together Manufacturing, IT, and Mathematics in order to create complex designs with the minimum of skill. My approach of using Parametric Smart Objects means that anyone of any age can create their own jewellery with relative ease. The skills you learn are also transferable in that you can then create a wide range of other items.