Persian Herbalism Crash Course 2

A brief introduction to making different remedies for different conditions.
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Better care for yourself and increase your overall well-being.
Gain basic and useful knowledge about uses, side effects, and drug interactions of 16 different medicinal herbs.
Gain the knowledge of how to make proper use of different medicinal herbs.
Reduce medicinal bills by treating simple conditions at home.


  • No prior knowledge is required. The only requirement is having the enthusiasm to learn about herbal medicine and medicinal plants.


I believe that in many situations mother nature has given us the remedy to treat our illnesses. Maybe you are one the people who like to have a sufficient knowledge in different practical subjects. In this course, you will gain a lot of information about medicinal herbs that you either already know or you did not know them at all. And to take it even further you will also gain the knowledge needed to use them properly to treat simple ailments at your home.

All of the information that I give you are cross-checked with scientific papers and resources. I hope that after finishing this course you'll be able to decrease your medical bills and treat some of the most common of simple conditions at your home all by yourself. Do not worry about the herbal teas for being bitter sometimes, beer is bitter too. I hope we'll have an enriching experience together in this little course.

Please remember that over-consumption of any food, substance, or drug could be dangerous. It is all the same for medicinal herbs as well. So remember not to over-consume any of them and use them based on the dosage that I recommend it to you.

One other thing to mention is that a lot of medicinal herbs have blood thinning potential. Although their effect is negligible even in comparison to weak blood thinners like aspirin, you must take caution by which I mean you should not use these herbs in the period of pregnancy or breastfeeding. You also should not give these herbs to children and not use them if you have any serious liver condition. Plus if you have a major surgery coming up, you should not use them from 2 weeks before.

I hope you enjoy this course.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for those who are curious about plants and their potential health benefits.
  • This course is for those who want to treat simple and yet annoying conditions using medicinal herbs.


Ramana K
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I am an herbalist. I had become interested in herbalism from almost fifteen years ago. I am always very enthusiastic to learn about and study different medicinal herbs. Plus I always cross-check my studies with scientific papers and resources.

I grew up in a culture that from a very early age I had exposure to different herbs in the context of different conditions and I also experienced their health benefits for my own.

I have taught several courses offline, but this is my first online experience to share my understanding of different medicinal herbs with you.

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