Perfect French Macarons #1 - Simple to Sensational
4.7 (974 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
3,317 students enrolled

Perfect French Macarons #1 - Simple to Sensational

Master the art of baking amazing macaron cookies consistently, and create stunning macaron towers and plated desserts
4.7 (974 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
3,317 students enrolled
Last updated 7/2020
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What you'll learn
  • Learn the secrets to baking perfect macarons shells, in any size and color, with full bodies and narrow feet
  • Use the Italian method to make macarons, and understand why many master bakers prefer it.
  • Work on many filling recipes, such as flavored ganaches, chocolate mousse and pastry cream, and customize them to fit any taste
  • Create sophisticated fine-dining style plated desserts using large macarons, with 4 stunning presentations and recipes to chose from
  • Build show-stopping macaron tower displays for fancy events such as weddings
  • Explore unique serving ideas for the macarons, and learn how to package them in gift boxes
  • Learn huge amount of critical tips and tricks, that will make you a master macaron maker
  • Advance your baking & decorating career and become a well-rounded baker
  • No previous baking or cake decoration experience is necessary
  • Some baking utensils such as pastry bags and pastry tips are required
  • For some of the recipes and decorations you'll need a silicon mold and cutters, which can be purchased through the online class store or elsewhere

If you ever tried to make French macarons you probably discovered that making perfect ones consistently is not that easy! That’s why our mission in this course is to help you to overcome some of the tricky aspects of making macarons, so you can successfully make them at your home or shop with confidence!

Follow the step-by-step guidance provided by master pastry chef Irit Ishai, to become a pro macaron maker yourself. Leverage Irit's years of experiments, refinement and tweaking of the macaron recipes, and learn the important secrets that anyone who's serious about making macarons needs to know. 

  • Master great techniques for making great macaron batter that work every single time
  • Discover the secrets of piping, baking and assembling insanely delicious macarons 
  • Learn how to make macarons in any flavor, color and size
  • Explore four unique and stunning designs of macaron-based desserts
  • Create elegant and show stopping Macaron Towers and gift boxes

Once you finish this course you'll you'll be one step closer to becoming a great baker and pastry chef. You'll discover a new world of extremely valuable recipes and techniques, and learn how to create outrageously yummy macaron cookies, innovative and stunning macaron desserts, and magnificent macaron displays.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone interested in a serious baking and cake decoration career
  • Beginners to advanced bakers who want to make perfect macarons consistently
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to use macarons to make stunning plated desserts
  • Anyone who wants to learn to create impressive edible displays and macarons towers
  • Bakery and pastry shop owners who want to make and sell the best macaron cookies
  • Professional pastry chefs who need to add unique and sophisticated plated desserts to their menus
Course content
Expand all 33 lectures 03:24:25
+ Before We Begin - Watch This!
2 lectures 06:50

Watch this lesson to get a brief intro to the Udemy Video Player. It'll help you to quickly learn the player's most critical features so you can enjoy this course the most.

Optimizing Your Learning Experience on Udemy
+ Getting Started: Overview and Planning
3 lectures 14:51

This lecture explains the purpose of the this section, which includes theoretical lessons that are not mandatory, but are highly recommended. If you don't have time to watch them you can safely skip to section 3 and start working on the macaron batter. 

A Quick Note About Theoretical Lessons

"Perfect French Macarons #1 - Simple to Sensational" is a very broad course which guides you through all of the secrets of making amazing French macarons. In this introduction lecture Irit presents an overview of the course, including all the recipes and skills that it covers. She also details other topics covered by the course, such as using macaron cookies to create stunning and unique plated desserts, and beautiful edible displays such as macaron towers.

Preview 07:32

It's time to take a bit of time to plan our project. Specifically, we need to make some important decisions before we start baking our macarons. In this lesson Irit explains how to choose the size, color, flavor and presentation of the macarons based on the occasion you’ll be serving them as well as based on other considerations. Considering these factors in advance is highly recommended!

Planning for Success
+ Making Perfect Macaron Shells
5 lectures 44:24

In this short lecture Irit explains that baking macarons should be treated almost like science: every small detail matters and everything needs to be measured. Before you dive into the recipes you should understand that there are no shortcuts here, and that perfection requires focus and precision.

The Science of Macarons

The macaron batter is the base recipe of the macaron cookies. It's a bit tricky to master and getting it perfect is crucial. In this lecture Irit goes over all of the important steps you should follow in order to make perfect macaron batter. She explains how to choose the right ingredients, and demonstrates how to make meringue, how to properly fold the ingredients and how to color the batter. Along the way you'll discover many tips, trick and troubleshooting advice, that ensure you make great batter consistently.

Making Macaron Batter

In this lectures Irit elaborates on important options you should consider prior to piping and baking the macarons, including various silicone mats and baking trays, their advantages and disadvantages. These options have considerable impact on the macarons, so make sure to go through the tips and tricks presented here. 

Introduction to Piping and Baking

In this lecture Irit walks you through the important steps of piping the macarons so they are even in size and without air bubbles. There are several options here that need to be considered, and you'll get detailed demonstrations of piping on silicone mats, specialty macaron baking sheets and even on parchment papers. You’ll also learn how to properly bake the macarons, explore the different trays you can use and understand how they affect your results. Most importantly you'll discover a great technique for finding out the precise baking time and temperature for the macarons in your oven, which is a fairly tricky aspect of the process. 

Piping and Baking the Macarons

In this lecture irit summarizes the previous two lectures, and reiterates all of the crucial steps you should follow to get perfect macaron shells consistently.

Summary: Important Takeaways
+ Mastering Macaron Filling Recipes
7 lectures 46:35

Irit recommends ganache as the best filling for the macaron cookies, because its soft and creamy texture provides a nice balance to the crunchiness and chewiness of the cookies. In this lecture Irit explains in general what is ganache, and how it's made. Then she goes over the four different kinds of ganache recipes we’ll work on in this course and how each of them will be used. 

Introduction to Ganache Recipes

In this lecture you’ll learn a fantastic recipe for decadent dark chocolate ganache. You’ll discover how to choose the type of chocolate for the ganache, and the differences between different kinds of dark chocolates. You'll also learn how to infuse the ganache in order to change its flavor and make it more interesting.

Dark Chocolate Ganache

Get the ins and outs of making white chocolate ganache and learn great techniques for flavoring it with fruits such as raspberries. Discover how to create uniquely flavored ganache that has a strong vibrant colors, which also complements the sweetness of the macarons with tangy raspberry flavor.

White Chocolate Raspberry Ganache

In this lesson we’ll work on making white chocolate ganache and flavor it with apricot. It's similar to the raspberry ganache you learned in the previous lesson, so you can see how the technique for making fruit-flavored ganaches works with different kinds of fruits.

Apricot Ganache

Traditionally ganache is made of white or dark chocolate and cream, but in this lecture we’ll make a special kind of ganache by also adding caramel to the mixture. The resulting caramel ganache has a decadently rich flavor, and is a very useful recipe. As an example, you can use use it to make addictive and delicious chocolate candies.

Caramel Ganache

Chocolate mousse is a very versatile recipe that can be made using any type of chocolate: dark, milk or white. it goes really well with many kinds of fruits, and this gives us many options for creating well balanced and fantastic flavor combinations. In this lecture you'll learn the secrets to great chocolate mousse , which you can use for many kinds of cakes and desserts. You'll also learn how to add flavors to the basic recipe, such as coffee, to give it a unique taste.

Milk Chocolate Mousse

Pastry cream is probably the most outrageously decadent pudding you’ll ever eat. Most often it is being used as a light filling for desserts and pastries such as cream puffs, eclairs and napoleons. In this lecture you'll get a detailed demonstration on how to properly make pastry cream, and how to flavor it.

Pastry Cream
+ Assembling the Macarons
2 lectures 11:50

In this lesson irit demonstrates how to use macaron shells and several kinds of fillings to assemble macaron cookies. You’ll discover how to fill them with flavored ganaches as well as with some easy alternatives that you can purchase, such as jams, peanut butter and Nutella spread. You'll also explore filling the macarons with interesting flavor combinations, such as 2 kinds of ganache, or even ganache and jam.

Preview 08:36

Macaron Lollipops are quite trendy these days, because they're so cute and fun. In this lesson you’ll discover how to use macaron shells and fillings to assemble some really cool macaron lollipops that you can serve in almost any party as bite-sized sweets.

Assembling Macaron Lollipops
+ Macaron Towers, Displays and Gift Boxes
4 lectures 32:16

In this lecture you'll learn everything you need to know about serving the macarons in unique arrangements. Explore how to serve macarons in various occasions, such as a social gatherings or a parties, and how to package them as elegant and personal presents for birthdays, or as wedding favors. 

Macaron Serving Ideas

Macaron Towers offer a great serving option for fancy special occasions, where you want to amp-up the wow factor using an impressive edible centerpiece. In this lecture Irit demonstrates how easy it is to assemble macaron towers, and provides some really important tips that prevent common mistakes. As you'll see, the result is simply awe inspiring!

Macaron Tower Displays

When it comes to your Xmas table centerpiece, there are plenty of ideas to choose from, but the best kind of centerpiece is actually edible. In this lesson Irit presents a unique and stunning the Macaron Xmas Tree, which is a perfect addition to your festive dinner!

Introducing the Macaron Xmas Tree

In this lesson you’ll get a step-by-step demonstration on creating the Macaron Xmas Tree. We’ll start by creating a beautiful faux tree-stump which serves as the base for this design, and proceed by assembling the decorating the macarons tower.

Making the Macaron Xmas Tree
+ Creating Unique Plated Desserts Using Macarons
7 lectures 32:56

This course cannot be complete without covering one of Irit's favorite ways of using macarons, which is plating them as personal plated desserts! This is an unconventional way of using macarons, but CakeNuvo is all about creating unique and innovative edible designs! In this lecture Irit talks about the concept of using large macaron shells as the basis for creating plated desserts, and also discusses how we're going to fill and decorate these desserts.

Introduction to Macaron Desserts

Fondant flowers bring a fresh and beautiful feel to many cakes and desserts. In this lecture Irit covers quick and easy techniques for creating beautiful fondant daisies and roses, and explains how to customize their colors and size as well as their shape. In the next lectures we'll use these edible flowers to decorate the macaron desserts. 

Making Fondant Flowers for the Desserts

In this lesson we’ll preview four stunning presentations for plated desserts that are all based on large macaron cookies and on the fillings we made earlier. Get a sneak peak into all four designs, and decide which one you'd like to make. 

Our Four Designs: Preview

Learn how to assemble and plate the Mocha Dreams dessert, which has a strong chocolate and coffee flavors, and a dominant brown color.

Mocha Dream Design

Learn how to assemble and plate the Strawberry Heaven dessert. Here we’ll use a combination of pastry cream, raspberry ganache & strawberries.

Strawberry Heaven Design

Learn how to assemble and plate the Pink Lady dessert. Here we'll use large pink macarons and fill them with chocolate ganache, chocolate mousse, raspberries and pastry cream.

Preview 02:24

Learn how to assemble and plate the Summer Daisies dessert. Here we'll use a nice combination of flavors: apricot ganache, pastry cream and fresh strawberries.

Summer Daisies Design
+ Summary and Additional Ideas
1 lecture 05:20

Before saying goodbye, Irit takes a moment to review and summarize what you learned and accomplished in this course. First and foremost you mastered the macaron cookie recipe and preparation process. You learned all the tips, tricks and pitfalls you need to know in order to create perfect macaron batter each and every time you make it. You also practiced a consistent and reliable method to properly pipe and bake the macarons to perfection.

Then you learned how to make many filling recipes: 4 kinds of flavored ganache, chocolate mousse and pastry cream. You also learned how to assemble yummy macaron cookies and how to create several designs of macaron-based plated desserts. Last, but certainly not least, you discovered how to use macarons to create incredible edible centerpieces, such as macaron towers.

Project Summary
+ Course Materials
1 lecture 00:35

Here you can download all course materials for "Perfect French Macarons #1: Simple to Sensational":

  1. Class Companion: 16 pages eBook with all recipes, additional important info, tips and tricks
  2. Special Guide to Making Perfect Macarons: summary of the tips, tricks and troubleshooting advice
  3. Project Timeline: a bird's-eye view of the macarons' preparation process 
  4. Macaron Baking Assistant: a chart to help you to figure out the proper baking time in your oven
  5. Baking Time Reminder: a useful sign you can use to remember baking time and temperature
  6. Standard Macarons - Template: used in the course to pipe standard-size macarons
  7. Large Macarons - Template: used in the course to pipe large-size macarons
  8. Metric Conversion Guides: US/EU metric conversion tables
  9. Fahrenheit to Celsius conversion table
  10. Food Cost Calculator: calculates cost to make various kinds of macarons (requires Microsoft Excel)
  11. Class Store: a PDF document that lists most tools and materials used in this course
Download Your Printable Class Materials
+ Next Steps and Bonus
1 lecture 08:47

Watch this lesson to learn what else you can do with your macarons (hint: there's so much you can do!) - Learn about the second course in the Perfect French Macarons series, "Designer Macarons". Don't forget to download and open the attachment to this lesson to get great discounts to all CakeNuvo courses!

Next Steps and Bonus