Pearl Escapes Fear of Success Development Training

A practical training course to help you evaluate what kind of development supports you in attaining authentic success
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Understand what development is and what it is not - particularly in relation to fear of success


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This is the sixth in a series of seven short, practical courses designed to help you escape or overcome your fear of success. Although you do not have to take these courses in a specific order, the previous courses are:

1. Pearl Escapes Fear of Success Awareness Training

2. Pearl Escapes Fear of Success Action Training - "Dip" Method

3. Pearl Escapes Fear of Success Analysis Training

4. Pearl Escapes Other People's Fear of Success

5. Pearl Escapes Fear of Success Action Training "Dunk" Method

They are all available free on Udemy.

Development is a word with so many associations but, as with all of these trainings, this course is about helping you to figure out what is the right next step for you, whether that is letting go and allowing more space and simplicity into your life, or creating more sophisticated systems, or even making life simpler with more sophisticated systems. It can be confusing – which is why I hope to make the concept of development clearer with simple stories and analogies mostly revolving around the kitchen!

In this course, we focus on issues surrounding development including:

- When we are afraid to move forward

- What does “levelling up” really mean?

- Organisational development

- How development can affect our day to day lives

- Strategies for development and development of strategies

- Natural or untaught development

- Organic training

- How development can often mean saying goodbye.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone struggling with fear of success

Course content

9 sections9 lectures1h 49m total length
  • Introduction


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Pearl has travelled around the world to learn from healing masters: a Sikh yogi, a Toltec family, a Bhutanese monk, a Vietnamese nun, an African shaman, a Native American healer, an Indian guru and experts in Borneo, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Hawai’i…

She has excelled as a Zumba® Instructor, not just teaching master classes and in schools, but also pioneering Zumba Gold® and chair classes for people suffering from multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer’s.

Pearl is also a filmmaker, with a Masters in Film who independently produced Everything To Dance For starring Strictly Come Dancing’s Brendan Cole. Her first feature film Cheating Nature was one of the first digital features to be shot in the world.

She has a BSc (Honours) in Pure Mathematics, but it took studying Buddhism to even begin to understand quantum theory.

Pearl is also a living kidney donor, having donated a kidney to her brother in 2002, eight years later she wrote the first book about donation in the UK by a donor.

She is the award winning author of 70 books, of which more than 35 are officially best sellers.

“…a voice of encouragement for those who believe success is impossible.” Susan Jeffers, Ph.D. author of Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway