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A Two-hour Course To Learn How to Design PCBs like a PRO!! Using Different Tips, tools and shortcut with Altium Designer
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In this course you will learn about creating your own design templated for Schematic, BOM, PCB, Assembly, Draftsman etc.
In this course you will learn about How to save days time by applying simple Altium Designer tools and shortcuts
In this course you will learn different sources of getting Free!!! Altium Libraries and setting up their plugin environment in AD tool itself
In this Course you will learn how to review schematic and layout by using AD tools which will save your time.... And lot more things


  • No experience needed you will learn every useful tips and tricks to design a PCB in Altium Designer in this course.
  • Student should have Altium Designer installed in their PC/Laptop


In this course, I have published 26 different tips, tricks, and shortcuts a hardware design engineer should know before using Altium Designer to save days of time and effort.
Below I am sharing the list of content using it you can navigate throughout the course as per your requirements:

  1. How to Create Assembly Drawing.

  2. Add Folder Structure on Output Job files.

  3. How to Use Footprint Manager in Altium Designer.

  4. How to Use Ports, Off Sheet connector, Power Ports.

  5. How to Calculate Maximum PCB Trace Width and Current.

  6. Add PCB Design Rules in Schematic.

  7. How to Expose Tracks and Remove Solder Mask.

  8. How to Measure Trace Length.

  9. How to Set the Net color in Altium.

  10. How to use Test Point Manager.

  11. Use Cross Probe in Altium Designer.

  12. Schematic Template Customization.

  13. Tool for Schematic Verification (Navigator tool).

  14. Differential Pair Tool in just 4 Steps.

  15. Different highlighting tools used for debugging schematics.

  16. Unlimited Free!!! Altium Libraries.

  17. How to Route Multiple Tracks Together Active routing.

  18. Component Placement Tools  Altium Designer.

  19. Create Library from Existing Project  Altium Designer.

  20. Customize BOM Template  Altium Designer.

  21. Calculate Maximum PCB Size Area  Altium Designer.

  22. Component Aligning Tools  Altium Designer.

  23. Power Supply Protections  Altium Designer.

  24. How to Select Ferrite Bead  Altium Designer.

  25. Number of Layers for PCB  Altium Designer.

  26. Splitting Planes  Altium Designer.

Who this course is for:

  • People who have no experience with Altium Designer and want to learn it
  • People who want to learn PCB designing shortcuts in Altium tool
  • People Who wan to Learn How Create a Board with less manual effort on Altium Designer.
  • People who want to enhance their Electronic Hardware Designing Skills.


SOM/COM/DIMM Designer, YouTube Content Creator at EsteemPCB
Aviral Mishra
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Aviral is an Electronics Hardware Design Engineer, who designed tons of Complex High-Speed boards like SOM/COM/DIMM, He is a Youtube Content Creator on his Youtube Channel EsteemPCB, Aviral is specializing in Low-speed Mixed-signal and Power Electronics Board for Micro-controller and Micro Processor Based Designs. Through his Youtube Channel EsteemPCB, he has published 100s of Videos on different concepts of PCB design and Hardware designing tools. EsteemPCB has a well-known Hardware Designers community on YouTube and on Facebook, You can DM in case of any opportunity.


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