Payroll Processing in India - For Practitioners - Part 1

Learn to collect payroll related data in less than one hour
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Payroll inputs to be gathered throughout the life cycle of an employee
Data to be gathered under each type of payroll input
Best practices to be followed while gathering payroll inputs


  • The learners of this course are expected to have completed the course 'Payroll Processing in India - An Introduction' and 'Payroll Processing in India - For Beginners'
  • The learners of this course are expected to be aware about all the functions of a payroll department and basic concepts in Payroll processing


This course is about collecting relevant data for processing payroll. The course would provide deep insight and practical knowledge about collecting relevant data or gathering payroll inputs for payroll processing in India. The learners would be able to start working on processing payroll for a small or medium scale organization with the help of the contents of this course. The course also contains practical cases which the payroll processor has to deal with on a daily basis.

This is the first part (curse) of the four parts (courses), that would constitute a master course for payroll practitioners. This course has four sections. The first section is about introduction, where as the second section gives details of the payroll inputs to be gathered for newly joined employees. The third section deals with the payroll inputs to be gathered for existing employees or the employees who have been confirmed and are working with the organization. The fourth section, which is the last section, deals with the payroll inputs to be gathered for separating employees.

Thus, the course covers all payroll inputs to be gathered through out the lifecycle of an employee. This course is expected to lay down the foundation for the other three courses which are going to be uploaded shortly.

By the end of this course the learners are expected to be able to

List the payroll inputs to be gathered generally for processing pay roll

Explain the data points that need to be gathered under each payroll input

Prepare the list of payroll inputs required to be gathered for processing a payroll of a small or medium scale organization in India.

Please note that, this is the first part of the course 'Payroll processing in India -For Practitioners' for other parts of this course please enroll to the course 'Payroll processing in India - Master course for practitioners'

We are sure that these courses together, would give a clear understanding to the learners about the practical aspect of payroll processing in India.

Who this course is for:

  • Aspiring Payroll Professionals
  • Employees in HR and Payroll Department
  • Professionals in other industries
  • Graduates in any discipline


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