Past Lives For Healers - 3 Sessions of Spiritual Regression
4.6 (30 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
299 students enrolled

Past Lives For Healers - 3 Sessions of Spiritual Regression

Past, Future & Present life therapy sessions to clear psychic energy blocks & connect with healing skills and soulmates
4.6 (30 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
299 students enrolled
Created by Mark Beale
Last updated 12/2019
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What you'll learn
  • Get confidence to become a professional healer.
  • Get motivation and purpose to continue as a healer.
  • Reconnect with healing abilities learnt in past lives.
  • Disconnect from blocks to healing caused by past lives.
  • Experience Past Life Regression & Future Life Progression.
  • Experience Hypnotherapy with Age Regression.
  • Develop psychic abilities by recalling past lives.
  • Guidance on life purpose with the Spirit Guide, Soul Group & Soul Council.
  • An interest in past life regression sessions related to being a healer.
  • In this course you are the client, so have a willingness to learn and go with the experience.

A program of Past Life Therapy to get personal sessions as a client.

My other courses teach Past Life type modalities, to give sessions as a therapist.

This course acts as a personal session to shift your healing career to a new level.

* Are you a newer healer, needing confidence to go fully professional?

Are blocks affecting you in sessions, or preventing you from taking sessions, or from charging a higher price for sessions? Do you have doubts if you can be a healer, of if healing fits your life purpose?

Are you a certified healer, yet feel inside ‘I am not a real healer’ because you don’t have much experience, which can block you from getting experience.

What if you could recall lifetimes of experience as a healer, and see future lives as a healer?

This course can help move you from being a student, to a professional. Get an inner clarity and connection that launches your healing path into action.

* Are you an experienced healer at career crossroads, or a low point?

Do you need to reconnect with your purpose as a healer, to get back the motivation, inspiration and confidence you once had?

Do you need to disconnect from blocks that prevent you going up to the next level of creative and financial fulfilment? Or are blocks pulling you down, and possibly out of healing?

This course can be a form of mentoring to revitalise your healing skills, passion and sense of life purpose, to break out of a rut and break through to a new level.

* Do you know if you were a healer in past lives? Do you know the full story, and how that is affecting your journey as a healer in this life?

Past life karma has a powerful affect on your present and future. Understand and work with it, so it works for you, and not against you.

When you know who you really are at a deep level, your spiritual evolution goes to another level, and uplifts your evolution as a healer.

Course Structure & PLRT Process;

* The program focuses on Past Lives related to a calling or profession as a healer.

There is a difference between simply regressing and recalling part of a past life, and having Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT).

PLRT done professionally has implicit within it three other highly connected forms of regression therapy, so sessions include;

0) Interviews; to focus on presenting issues related to the healer journey. And pre-talks to prepare for hypnotic inductions and guided meditations.

1) Age Regression Hypnotherapy; to clarify the presenting issue and story in this life, that connects with past lives.

2) Past Life Regression; to clarify the past lives causes, events and people, and begin to work with, or be at peace with, the karmic effects.

3) Future Life Progression; to see how learning spiritual lessons effects our path into this life and the next, growing confidence, motivation and life purpose.

Course Highlights;

- Case Study Exercises; guide you to write your own past life case studies, focusing on your journey as a healer over time.

- Case Study Examples; from my past lives relating to healing, illustrating themes relevant to most healers.

- Clarify your own goals with worksheets and interviews before sessions.

- Understand each technique and key themes with pre and post session talks.

- Experience three regressions to the Present, Past and Future lives.

- Get therapeutic resolutions to enhance your core healing practice.

* Your experiences can relate to my past lives connected to healing.

In this course, I will share details and spiritual themes of my past lives, including how they intertwine, teach lessons and resolve karma.

On my ‘Stages To Becoming A Healer,’ a set of connected lives all take place in India, but over 2,500 years in distinctly Buddhist, Hindu and British eras.

On my ‘The Healer’s Path’ we visit past lives to reconnect with abilities from the sleep temples of Egypt, remove blocks from a monastic life in Tibet, and find a soulmate from many lives who is vital to my progress as a healer in this life.

Abilities and Limitations of Online Sessions; No online course can be fully interactive. This course has an in-depth set of sessions, tools and writing assignments to give value, especially suited to self-starting talented people with spiritual healing experience. I do offer premium ways to help and go even deeper.

Self Mentoring; Many people will gain valuable past life insights they can understand and resolve by following the written exercises themselves. This course includes many worksheets to prompt your own writing and realisations, allowing self-mentoring.

One Skype Call - Personal Mentoring; Some people like to discuss their experiences to get interactive feedback and confirm their understanding.

My website Past Life Awakening Institute offers a premium version of this course that includes a one hour skype/zoom mentoring session based on the written exercises, to help with realisations and connections to present issues.

Three Skype Calls - Personal Sessions; Some people prefer a fully interactive experience of the interviews and sessions.

My website Past Life Awakening Institute offers a premium personal program of Past Life Regression sessions over skype/zoom.

Further Study; Past Lives for Healers is designed to enhance your progress with your existing healing modality through your own person sessions. If it also inspires you to study or become a past life regression therapist;

To gain skills, you could take my course “Past Life Regression - Therapist Training”.

To gain certification, you could take my premium course “Past Life Regression Therapist”, from my website for the Past Life Awakening Institute. This course includes skype/zoom personal mentoring sessions to assist with the curriculum, special interest areas, and your client cases. It has exam and case study requirements to become a certified Past Life Regression Therapist.

Reviews for sister course “Past Life Regression - Therapist Training”

“It is really good, covering the all aspects of past life regression. I also loved the audio session given in the last lesson on various common subjects. Overall it is good and it's really worthy to invest time to learn & heal yourself.”

"I'm amazed with this course. I'm already conversational hypnotist myself. Just listening to the audio I was able to view some of my past lives and benefit from it. Thank you, Mark!”

If you have any questions, feel free to message me.

Visit my Bio Page for links to my website and youtube, that offer deals on my courses and free educational content.

Thanks, Mark :)

Who this course is for:
  • Healers wanting to work with issues that arise along the healers path.
  • Anyone training as a healer, or interested in becoming a healer.
  • Anyone interested in exploring their past lives, especially those that relate to being a healer.
  • Therapists looking to fully experience their own past lives, to enhance their sessions with clients.
  • ‘Healers’ includes spiritual modalities like Reiki, Chakra, Crystal, Angelic, Shamanic or Psychic Healing, and TCM, Tarot, Mediums, Spiritual Coach.
  • ‘Healers’ includes hypnosis based modalities like Hypnotherapy, NLP, Life Coaching, Past Life Regression, Life Between Lives, Spirit Releasement, Spiritual Counsellor, Life Coach.
  • ‘Healers’ includes conventional modalities like Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Counsellor, CBT, Nursing, Doctor or medical or wellness practitioners.
Course content
Expand all 39 lectures 05:40:29
+ Introduction To Past Lives For Healers
4 lectures 17:45

Course outline. In this course we will replicate how Past Life sessions are actually done by professional Therapists. Past Life Regression Therapy goes back to the past, to improve our present and future. So we will explicitly include 3 regressions with hypnotic inductions and guided meditations, to the past, Present and future, to have your own experience.

Preview 06:15

1) Are you a newer healer, needing confidence to go fully professional? 2) Are you an experienced healer at career crossroads, or a low point? 3) Do you know if you were a healer in past lives?

Preview 03:49

Interaction With The Online Course. Your Inner Mentor. Additional mentoring and personal sessions are available through my website.

Online Sessions; Interaction & Mentoring

The manual and worksheet resources.

The Manual
+ Past Lives For Healers
6 lectures 27:33

The five stages on the Healers Path; 1) Certified Healer; 2) Beginning Healer, 3) Initiated Healer; 4) Healer, 5) Leader of Healers.

Preview 04:51

Distinctions of the terms 1) Past Life Recall, 2) Past Life Regression, 3) Past Life Regression Therapy, 4) Spiritual Regression Therapy; PLRT with AR, FLP, LBLT, SRT.

Levels of Past Lives

A program of three sessions gives us a complete beginning, middle and end. 1) Hypnotherapy Age Regression, 2) Past Life Regression Therapy, 3) Future Life Progression.

Past Lives Program Overview

Past life regression, and karma, is based on the law of cause and effect. We fix issues by regressing to causative events that left residues, and applying a solution. Residues can be emotional, mental and karmic, positive or negative, that are helping or hindering you as a healer.

Emotional, Mental & Karmic Residues

Intention; The focused specific written intention we take into a past life session has a tremendous impact on what we get out of a session. This course has the specific intention of past lives for healers. The preparation videos help you focus and write your own specific intentions for each session.

Timing; Your specific intention can vary according to the timing of when you do these sessions. You could listen the first time when you have an issue with blocks to committing to the healers path, and get a lot of detail about a number of your past lives.

Intention And Timing For Past Lives

Writing is a key tool to get the most out of your sessions, and extend them. It can be a bridge to integrate and develop your past life experience.

+ Age Regression Hypnotherapy For Healers
8 lectures 01:14:53

Path To The Healer’s Path; 1) Awakening, 2) Recognizing, 3) Initiation & Self-Healing, 4) Integration; 5) Intent & Dedication

Path To The Healer’s Path

Present life interests and issues point to our past lives. We can start using writing as a tool looking at aspects of present life to identify overall patterns. We will come back to this after your past life regression to see the parallels and connections, that act like an interweaving teaching story.

Present Life Context

There are many emotional, mental and karmic experiences from this life that influence us on the The Healer’s Path.

Healer’s Residues - Present Life

During age regression you may recall elements of your journey you hadn’t remembered for years. You may recall things that seemed insignificant, but can take on new meaning as you become a healer.

Age Regression

Next you will write your own story. For now, I’ll use my story as a case study example, to prompt and trigger this process.

Case Study - Path To The Healer’s Path

1) Create a hypnosis space. 2) Expectations. 3) Myths. 4) FAQ's.

Hypnosis Preparation

Our intention is to recall and explore key moments that have left emotional, mental and karmic residues affecting your healers path in the present life. Our intention is then to relate events of this life to our past lives.

Age Regression Session

Recall and write your Path To The Healer’s Path; 1) Awakening; When did you discover an ability and interest in healing? What past ‘positive’ experience could help your future healing abilities?

Your Story - Path To The Healer’s Path
+ Past Life Regression Therapy For Healers
13 lectures 02:15:14

To know your past, look at your present. The present moment shows the karmic fruits of our past karmic seeds. We are reaping the result of past actions. The past is in this life, and now we go back another step to past lives.

Past Life Patterns

We’ve looked at present life residues. Now we can look at common patterns of past lives that leave residues on The Healer’s Path. You are likely to discover these patterns and residues in your own past lives...

Healer’s Residues - Past Lives

This case study connects to the first writing exercise on ‘Present Life Context.’ We’ve seen some residues and patterns from this life. Now we can see if they connect to past lives.

Case Study 2006 - Path To The Healer’s Path

So far we’ve done more recall or regression than therapy. It is a useful initial context to see patterns and residues. Now we can use a more focused intent and structure to access abilities, blocks and soulmates. I’ll give some examples, then you can do a regression with this intent and after session write up.

Case Study Structure - The Healer’s Path

At 33 I was choosing between committing to Tibetan Buddhism, Yogic philosophy or Past Life Regression. I had doubts if I was suited to being a healer, feeling I may already be educated and defined as ‘corporate person’. I had some awakening experiences, but was dismissive of them. You may relate to this story, it serves as an illustration of key points about Reconnecting With Abilities.

Case Study 2007 - Reconnect With Abilities

I was assessing the next step in my healers journey, considering becoming a trainer. My first six years as a committed healer were fairly smooth, very busy and rewarding in many ways. Yet at many crossroads, I chose the route with less financial reward, eventually creating professional and personal limitations. You may relate to this story, it serves as an illustration of key points about Overcoming Blocks.

Case Study 2011 - Overcome Blocks

The experience varies from person to person, which can be described in terms of the senses. For some it is like;...

Past Life Pre-Talk

1) What is your main issue in this life related to healing? Your actions. Are you facing a problem to overcome, or block to go to the stage as a healer? Are you at a decision point, so you have a key question you want answered?

Past Life Interview

Welcome to this session to explore your healers path in past lives. You have considered your present life issues, including abilities to reconnect with, any blocks to overcome and, any significant people. Now we can regress to causes to gain insights & resolutions, to move forward more present in the now.

Past Life Regression Session

Did I Imagine The Whole Thing? Was That Me? What If I Can’t Access Or Enter Past Lives?

PLR Post Talk - FAQs

Use this format as a structural guide to write your own case study, to identify your insights and the resolutions coming from your session.

Your Case Study - Past Life Regression

You can do multiple past life regression sessions, so repeat the session.

Do Another Past Life Regression Session

Past lives often center around relationships. Significant people in this life often play a role in the healers journey in past lives. So far my past lives have been more about my karmic actions. Whether soulmates have come up or not, we can set an intention to explore our karmic inter-actions with significant others.

Case Study 2012 - Soulmates
+ Future Life Progression For Healers
8 lectures 01:25:03

We have regressed to recall the past in this life and in past lives. Now we can progress to the future in this life and in future lives.

Future Life Progression

FLP is not really a way to get specific information, it’s more of a way to learn general spiritual lessons. FLP is a way of illustrating the karmic law of cause and effect. It illustrates how our actions and thoughts are seeds, and shows us the kind of fruits that can result from these seeds.

Future Life Lessons

1) No Future Life - Nirvana. 2) What If I don’t See A Future Life? 3) Other Planets - Other Dimensions.

Future Life Possibilities

1) a) By reconnecting with past talents, what can you now do in this life? b) What could this lead to in the present life, and a future life?

2) a) By clearing old blocks, what will you no longer habitually do in this life? b) What else could this lead to in the present life, and a future life?

FLP Interview

Welcome to this session to explore your future life and lives on the healers path. You’ve seen our past lives actions and residues flow in your present life. Now you can see how repeating and balancing patterns can play out in future lives. You can see how your current actions can create future lives with less blocks and more abilities and soulmate connections.

Future Life Progression Session

1) Circumstances; Where, When, With Whom, Family, Love, Work, Play, Money.

2) What abilities do you have in a future life? How could you use them?

3) What blocks can be cleared in a future life? What can you do in the future in this life and your future life to fully clear any remaining aspect of blocks.

Your FLP Case Study

You can do each of these regressions multiple times and get very different results each time. This course doesn’t have to be a linear one time deal.

I hope you go plenty out of this course. If you held back in anyway on what you put in, you can go back and use the writing exercises to their fullest on your favourite sections, and go deeper into them this time.

Final Words
Bonus Lecture