Pandas for Absolute Beginners

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Panda Profilling
Use methods to Insert Columns
Use methods to Drop Unwanted Columns
Use methods to describe your data
Create a Data frame
Learn to rename columns


  • No experience is required
  • You should have jupyter notebook
  • Internet connection(To install Libraries)


This course is an introductory course to help learners to understand some methods used in  Exploratory Data Analysis-EDA using Pandas. This course is intended for absolute beginners and the course assumes that learners are comfortable coding in Jupyter notebook and have already installed the necessary IDE's for programming in Python.

In this century of big data, it is considered a plus if an individual knows how to manipulate data and clean, and come out with a story about the data and how you can get business insights from such data to improve business.

Pandas is a library popular for data manipulation and data analysis including numerical-tabular data.

You'll learn to use some basic methods to explore a COVID19 dataset downloaded from the World Health Organization's website.

You will learn to use methods to describe your data, methods to insert new columns into your dataset, methods to identify duplicated values, methods to drop columns in the dataset, you will learn to do some mathematical computations on columns values such as sum or multiplying values of different columns to create or insert a new column and find null values.

The methods learned in this beginner course can serve as a foundation for which you'll use for any other data analysis projects

It should be noted that the data visualization aspect of the course will be added to the course once they are being edited.

Who this course is for:

  • Absolute Beginners
  • Educators

Course content

13 sections15 lectures1h 23m total length
  • Downloads & Installation
  • Introduction


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Kelvin Kobina Fosu is a humanitarian and a Google Certified Educator-Level 1 and completed his Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Art from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana, majoring in painting. He then took a certification course on Edx on Computer Science Principles using App Inventor. Kelvin later took a specialization course on, Business Strategies for a Better World on Coursera. He has an overarching goal; People, Planet over Profit, and beliefs in using intuitive tools for education and experiential learning.

Kelvin worked as a STEAM Programs Manager for the Girls Education Initiative of Ghana(GEIG). He developed the STEAM Curriculum for students and assisted four of these students to gain web development scholarships at Soronko Academy. Kelvin also freelanced at Soronko Academy, where he led a team of young girls to win the 'International Girls in ICT Day celebration. Kelvin foundered AnybodyCanDevelop(ABCD) when he discovered that learners introduced to programming while at GEIG started finding other software of their interest. Studying some of these tools led him to develop content focused on the arts and technology using intuitive technology to democratize learning. He has published on other educational online platforms, and his content is being used in one hundred and fifty-six countries across the globe by people of all ages.

Kelvin is now a Learning Management Associate lead at Brainiqs Projects Lab and a learning and development team member at GhanaTechLab. Kelvin creates content to help improve workers' and students' learning outcomes and has helped develop a mobile application curriculum for students and an artificial intelligence curriculum for GhanaTechLab’s Africa Artificial Intelligence Accelerator program.