Paleo Stress Management: Chillin' Basics. Stress relief

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Learn how your brain and body respond to stress
Learn the difference between stress and anxiety
Learn how to measure your stress levels properly
Learn how to reduce the impact of little stressors in your life


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Welcome to my free course on Paleo Stress Management! In this course, we will explore the complex relationship between our brain and body's response to stress and how we can use this knowledge to manage our stress levels.

Through lessons and exercises, you'll learn about the different types of stress and how they can impact your mental and physical health. We'll dive into the science of stress and teach you how it can be measured through various tools and techniques.

With this foundational knowledge, we'll provide you with practical strategies to help you reduce the impact of stress and anxiety in your life. You'll discover how to incorporate healthy habits and coping mechanisms into your daily routine.

By the end of this course, you'll have a deeper understanding of the impact of stress on your body and mind, and practical tools to help you manage it. Join me to start your journey toward a happier, healthier, and more balanced life!

Understand the basics

Find out how stress manifests in your body and brain so you understand how to manage it.

Measure your stress

Explore objective ways to measure stress by using a tracker and subjective by using an app.

Start your research

With this information, you will know what to look for to find effective ways for managing your stress.

Who this course is for:

  • Chronically stressed individuals who want to understand their symptoms and are looking for ways to reduce the impact of stress and anxiety in their life.


Science-based Stress Management Expert and Educator (MSc)
Alex Reijnierse
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Hello and thank you for exploring my courses on paleo stress management. My name is Alex Reijnierse, and I understand first-hand the impact of chronic stress and anxiety on daily life.

My professional journey placed me in roles managing large teams and overseeing global IT infrastructure across 70 countries. Personally, caring for ill parents and navigating major life events instilled in me a sense of constant alertness, making relaxation a distant memory.

This persistent state of stress propelled my search for tangible solutions. Like many, I sifted through anecdotal advice online, often finding methods that only exacerbated my stress.

But here’s what sets my journey apart: I have a Master of Science. Trained to be analytical, I steered my stress-relief search toward scientifically-backed methods. I wanted not just to feel better but to objectively measure my progress.

Over several years, I refined techniques that genuinely made a difference. Techniques I believe everyone should know – techniques that I now passionately share in my masterclass course: The Chill Out Method.

My mission extends beyond sharing methods that worked for me. It's about transforming personal suffering into collective wellness. Join me and discover evidence-based techniques for stress management. I am eager to be part of your journey and hear how these methods reshape your life.

Always remember: Take good care of yourself.

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