Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables : Grade X NCERT

Learn everything there is to know about solving Pair of Linear Equations in two variables.
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Solve Pair of Linear Equations in two variables.
Interpret real life questions mathematically.
Solve advance examples.
Elimination Method
Cross-Multiplication Method
Substitution Method


  • No previous knowledge required. We'll start everything from scratch.
  • Enthusiasm to learn Mathematics.


In this chapter, we will learn to express real life situations mathematically in terms of pair of Linear Equations, and solve it to find the answers. The course is structured with solved examples, Quizzes and Assignments, where you could test the skills you have learnt. We will learn 4 different methods to solve the Pair of Linear Equations : 

  • Graphical methods 
  • Substitution Method
  • Elimination Method 
  • Cross- Multiplication Method 

You will learn everything there is to know about solving pair of Linear Equations in two variables.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in learning how to solve mathematical equations. Specially designed for Standard X Mathematics.
  • Class X CBSE Students
  • Any Mathematics student

Course content

7 sections14 lectures2h 15m total length
  • Outline and Problem Setup
  • Represent a real life situation algebraically.
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