Painting Eucalyptus Flowers in Watercolour

How to create detailed and beautiful Eucalyptus flowers in watercolour
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To paint red Eucalyptus flowers in watercolour
To observe a Eucalyptus specimen, look at light and shade, and do a tonal sketch
To mix watercolour paint and create colour swatches
To create shadow mixes in watercolour to give your flowers depth
To use dry brush technique to build up intensity and create a detailed finish


  • Best to do the tutorial "Introduction to Botanical Art - Eucalyptus leaves" first, but not necessary


If you have ever looked at Eucalyptus flowers and thought they are too difficult to paint, then this is the tutorial for you. In this short course you will learn to observe Eucalyptus flowers, looking at the light and shade, in order to then draw a tonal study. After completing a careful, detailed drawing you will move on to paint the flowers from two slightly different angles., and then paint them in detail. I will talk you through every step, showing that they are not that difficult if you just go one step at a time.

This is bonus content, useful for students who have completed the tutorial "Introduction to Botanical Art - Eucalyptus leaves". However it isn't absolutely necessary to have completed that tutorial. This tutorial is fairly casual, I'm just talking as I'm painting and there is minimal editing.

I am a botanical artist with over 20 years experience and I have created two tutorials already - both introductions to botanical art, one painting Eucalyptus leaves and the other painting an Acacia - leaves and flowers. Botanical art is immensely popular at the moment and it is a beautiful art form. By painting the wonderful natural wonders we see around us, we encourage others to take a closer look at these marvels. My hope is that by painting and teaching, I will help others see the beauty in their surroundings, and therefore increase their interest and love for nature.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner and intermediate level watercolour artists interested in botanical art

Course content

1 section8 lectures1h 4m total length
  • Introduction
  • Observing and drawing the flowers
  • Painting - starting with light drawing and undercoat of colour
  • Mixing the colour, painting colour swatches
  • Painting individual stamens - flower 1
  • Painting individual stamens - flower 2
  • Painting the hypanthium (the green and brown bits)
  • Final details


Botanical Artist
Cheryl Hodges
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Cheryl is an award winning Australian botanical artist with over 20 years experience. She teaches botanical and insect illustration in watercolour. She uses various watercolour techniques to build up her detailed paintings. With a focus on Australian native plants and insects, Cheryl hopes to inspire others to appreciate their uniqueness and beauty.