Painting a Bird with Gouache

Painting an Baltimore Oriole using Gouache
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Painting a Bird using Gouache Paints


  • Its a Beginner Level Course for any one who wishes to pursue Painting !


In this Course you would learn to paint a Bird using Gouache Paints . I've chosen a Baltimore Oriole as my subject for this project . Please choose any bird of your choice ,for the techniques taught here are helpful in painting most of the common birds .

Gouache is an opaque medium ,compared to watercolors ,they are also known as opaque watercolors . For a complete beginner ,its rather easier than thought ,to bring a subject to life ,with a medium like Gouache :)

You would learn to simplify painting the detailed features of a bird , and bring it to life using some simple techniques ,with Gouache Paints . I have used only four basic colors of the Gouache Set i.e a primary red ,a primary yellow, a black and a white . Its a beginner level course where you would learn some simple techniques to paint the feathers ,to create depth in the feathers ,You would also learn  to mix the required colors , create tonal variations , mix some skin tone for the feet and mix browns for the tree bark .

The techniques used here can also be implemented to paint with poster colors or light bodied acrylics .

Hope this course is helpful in bringing out the artist in you and help you create stunning artworks !!

Who this course is for:

  • Art Enthusiasts , Beginner Artists

Course content

1 section7 lectures50m total length
  • Introduction
  • Materials Used
  • The First Layer
  • The second Layer ,Painting Some Fine Feathers
  • Painting The Eyes and Black Feathers
  • The Final Layer and Finishing Touches
  • Concluding words & Thanks !


Vijayalaxmi Madhu
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I'm an Indian Artist ,specializing in Nature Paintings . Oil Painting and Watercolors are my Forte .

My Art journey started through my love for it inherited, through my Parents ,and later on honing my art skills by taking Art Workshops both online and offline ,from some very Honorable Art Teachers .

I have been in the Art Field for over 20 years now .I'd love to share my skill and Knowledge of the mediums here, with you all ,hoping it would be of immense help at Enhancing your Art Skills.