Break down Pachelbel's Canon (For Any Instrument)

Learn to play and understand Canon in D for any instrument
Learn Cannon in D
Break down the sections of Cannon to better understand them
Learn to play the parts for your specific instrument


  • Be able to play an instrument (This course doesn't teach you an instrument but how to understand this song)
  • Have basic computer skills (download and print files, etc..)
  • Have the ability to read sheet music IS NOT required but will be helpful


   We have all heard that amazing version of Pachelbel's Cannon at Weddings, Graduations, and Big Events. It always sounds different based on what instruments and what version is used. But what version was used and how do you play it??????????

    The song is actually set up very well for playing different versions and improvising with. All you need to do is understand the different parts and you then have the capability to make any version you want.

     In this course we will break down what each section of the song is and then we will look at each of those sections. After we understand those sections we can adjust them to our needs and our current version.

    This will allow you too learn Canon and make it precisely they way you need it to fit your current needs and joys.

     Thanks for looking at this course and I hope that it helps you.


Who this course is for:

  • Musicians of any instrument interested in understanding this song better
  • Musicians who want to learn to play this song

Course content

10 sections36 lectures1h 6m total length
  • Overview in a Nutshell
  • Song Example


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