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How to Master Time Management, Accelerate Personal Productivity, Best Manage Your Time & Create Your BEST Life and Time!
4.5 (16 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
269 students enrolled
Created by Keith Rosen
Last updated 7/2020
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What you'll learn
  • Develop a Hyper-Productive, Balanced Remote Workplace, Achieve Bigger Goals Faster, Excel at Your Career, and Create Your Ideal Life.
  • Develop your personal vision, goals and identify your core values and priorities so you can honor them every day.
  • Make time your ally rather than your adversary by mastering the inner game of self-management.
  • Protect Your Time! Reduce your workload and save over 20 hours every week on unproductive, wasteful activities.
  • Identify and manage the unplanned events that distract you from your priorities, cause stress, and waste time.
  • Stop reacting to problems and become hyper-responsive so that you can take charge of your day.
  • Obliterate your never-ending to-do list and get more done in less time
  • Coach others on how they can improve their daily productivity, performance, and personal accountability.
  • Suggested Reading: Own Your Day

Master Your Time, Achieve Bigger Goals Faster, Excel at Your Career, Take Charge of Your Day and Create Your Ideal Life

People work under intense conditions unique to our role that traditional time management strategies fail to address. Consequently, many people believe it's impossible to develop an effective routine for themselves that brings more success, balance, meaning and fulfillment in their lives, when their time is consumed with phone calls, emails, meetings, challenges, competing priorities, building a company, developing a team, selling and serving customers; as well as personal responsibilities.

As a result, your personal life suffers, and your personal priorities along with the quality of life become secondary.

However, the self-management strategies in Own Your Day, combined with a new way to think about time management, will have an immediate, positive impact on your daily productivity so that you can design your life the way you want and live with intention.

You will also learn how to coach people to thrive and help them improve their daily productivity, performance, and personal accountability, while creating a balanced, fulfilling life!

"If You Want a Great Life, Then Schedule One."

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone looking to create their ideal life and lifestyle starting today and help others do the same
  • Anyone who is looking to succesfully help, coach and support others in creating their ideal career and life
  • Anyone looking to develop a hyper-productive, balanced and enjoyable remote workplace.
Course content
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+ Course Intro: How to OWN YOUR DAY and OWN YOUR LIFE
4 lectures 23:56
Under the instructions tab to the left, You'll find the link to download the playbook.
Download the OWN YOUR DAY Life Management and Personal Productivity Playbook
1 question

Course introduction, the background story behind what motivated the development of this course, and how to own your day and master time management to create your best life.

Course Overview and Setting Objectives

One evening, I received a phone call from Joe Connolly with the Wall Street Journal and WCBS Radio. He told me he had just finished reading an article in the Wall Street Journal about me and my approach to prospecting and cold calling, claiming it was very interesting stuff. He continued to invite me to the Small Business Breakfast and asked if I would be willing to sit on their panel of experts. I graciously accepted. When he told me the details of the conference, I told him I would check my availability and let him know if I could come or not. Luckily, I was free on the day of the conference and I told Joe I would be able to come.

The next time Joe and I spoke was the day of the event. The panelists took their position and Joe began the job of moderating and facilitating. He introduced the panelists. When it came to me, he added, “After speaking with Keith, I knew he was the real deal, especially when I asked him if he could commit to the date. Instead of saying, ‘Yes’ on the spot which, according to Keith can mean you’re a ‘Yes-aholic’ he responded with, ‘Thanks Joe, let me check my schedule and I’ll call you back.’ So, not only did he write the book on time management, here’s a guy who practices what he preaches.”

A question came my way. It was on how to best manage your time. “Hi Keith,” the gentleman in the audience began. “What strategies would you suggest to better manage your time?”

My first response was to say this, “Stop trying to manage something that you cannot manage in the first place.”

Blank stares. “Let me explain,” I said. “But first, let me tee it up with a question I have for all of you. How many of you are familiar with the expression, time is money?”

About everyone raised their hand.

Then I asked, “By a show of hands, how many of you manage your money in some way? Whether you use a stockbroker, financial advisor, accountant, bank, or just do it yourself, raise your hand if you manage your money in some way.”

A few seconds later, several hundred people raised their hand; a good 90% of the audience.

Finally the point-blank coaching question: “How many of you manage your time as diligently as you manage your money? In other words, raise your hand if you have a consistent, weekly routine that you follow from the time you wake up in the morning up until the time you end your day, that contains the specific, measurable activities and tasks you engage in that move you closer to your goals, while keeping your life in a happy balance?”

A few seconds later, I thought I might have to repeat the question. Not a hand went up. I wasn’t surprised. After all, it was my clients who inspired me to write a book on time management in the first place.

In a room filled with highly successful professionals, there wasn’t one person in the room who could confidently raise their hand and say, “Yes! I have that!” And yet these people were still successful.

“Is that some irony,” I continued after my question. “Here we are, on the surface believing that time is money, yet when it comes down to it, we’re not managing our time and ourselves the way we manage our money. We don’t give our time the same respect, diligence and planning it deserves the way we do money.”

“And the kicker is, once you invest your time, you don’t get it back. You can’t double it, invest it or save it for a rainy day or slow it down. That’s why it’s important to shift the focus from trying to manage your ‘time’ to managing what you can control, which is yourself and the actions you take each day. You can control where you invest your time, rather than other people or situations doing it for you.

The foundation to living your potential is to first upgrade your relationship with time so that time becomes your ally, not your adversary or something you try to beat out each day. Then you can begin the process of developing a routine.”

The universal law certainly applies; we resist what we need to learn the most.

What If You Can Create Your Ideal Life - Starting Today
Goals and Expectations of This Program (Skill learned, result expected or “How do I…”) Respond to the following questions to ensure your expectations and learning objectives are achieved. NOTE: Below, make sure you download your OWN YOUR DAY Time Management and Personal Productivity Playbook.
Timely Assignment - Write out Your Course Objectives
4 questions
+ Developing Your Personal Navigation System
1 lecture 08:17

Creating Your Personal Navigation System

Preview 08:17

How much do you know about designing your Personal Navigation System? 

Time to Self Assess
5 questions
+ Creating Your Pesonal Vision
1 lecture 08:48

Learn about what a personal vision is, and how you can develop your own.

Developing Your Personal Vision
Create the vision of your IDEAL life so you can create it! You know it’s YOUR vision when you read it and feel, connected, centered on your core values and priorities,
Timely Assignment - Create Your Personal Vision
5 questions

Let's see how well you've grasped the concept and power of what a vision entails.

Vision Quiz
4 questions
+ Identify Your Core Values
1 lecture 07:48

What's the difference between a personal vision, goal, and core value? Here's how to uncover your personal values and why it's essential to live your best life.

Identify Your Core Values
Identity your core values and priorities so that you can ensure you always honor them.
Timely Assignment - Identify Your Core Values and Priorities
3 questions
What are Core Values?
6 questions
+ Develop Value Based Goals
1 lecture 10:02

Learn how to avoid setting should-based goals and what you can do to ensure you create the right value-based goals for you.

Setting Value Based Goals
Create your personal and career goals, while also honoring the goals you're responsible for achieving in your current position.
Timely Assignment - Create Your Goals
5 questions
Got a Grasp on Goals?
7 questions
+ Developing Your Goal Attainment Strategy
1 lecture 03:27

Now that you have your goals, what are the strategies you need to have in place to take you there? 

Developing Your Strategy
What is the strategy you'll be using to achieve your goals?
Timely Assignment - Develop Your Strategy to Achieve Your Goals
4 questions
+ List the Activities to Achieve Your Goals
1 lecture 03:15

Here's how you ensure you identify the right activities to engage in throughout your day which will move you closer to your goals.

Identify the Activities to Achieve Your Goals
What are the activities that you've identified that would drive your strategies to ahieve your goals and maintain the lifestyle you want?
Timely Assignment: List The Activities to Achieve Your Goals
6 questions
+ Top 12 Time Management Strategies to Own Your Day & Create Your Best Life #1
2 lectures 12:28

Time to get tactical as you begin to design your ideal routine!

Assign a Value to your Time, Then Track Your Day
What's your time worth?
Assign a Value To Your Time
4 questions

Do you know where you invest every minute of your time? Each minute counts. Here's how to uncover the time management blind spots preventing you from maximizing your productivity.

Tracking Your Day Results and Next Steps
Use the downloadable tracking sheet to track exactly where you're spending your time each day.
Track The Time Throughout Your Day
9 questions
Now, you're going to take the list of activities and use this exercise to prioritize them.
Self-Assess Your Current Time Management Strategy
7 questions
+ Top 12 Time Management Strategies to Own Your Day & Create Your Best Life #2
1 lecture 16:27

Learn four additional strategies to continue to fine-tune your ideal routine.

Four Steps to Developing a Flexible Routine that Will Give You More Time
You probably have noticed that the amount of time you think each activity or meeting takes can vary drastically. Rather than react, here's how to ensure you're allocating the right amount of time for each activity. It's time to redistribute your time toward your goal oriented activities.
3. Build In Buffer Time for the Unexpected Externalities
5 questions
This is your opportunity to get greater clarity around how you're investing your time, as well as identify the time killers and the black time holes where your time disappears each day.
4. Plan for the Unplanned
3 questions
Time to recognize those daily habits and routines that need to be scheduled.
5. Treat Everything as an Appointment
3 questions
While people think developing such a rigid routine provides too much structure and not enough flexibility, having a well defined structured routine, adds greater time and flexibility into your life.
6. Manage Your Routine Like a Puzzle
2 questions
+ The Language of Time Management
2 lectures 18:45

Here's where we'll explore another one of the three pillars of Self-Management. The language of time management.

How to Manage the Expected Interruption
Leverage the temple to manage the expected interruption.
Handling Interruptions - Practice the Language of Time Management
5 questions

Yes, you can effectively coach someone in 60 seconds using just one question.

How to Coach Anyone in 60 Seconds
If you're spending the majority of your time, dealing with distractions, solving other people's problems and doing their work for them, it's time to learn how to coach instead - and do so using one question.
Coach Rather Than Problem Solve
5 questions
Test on the Lanugage of Time Management
9 questions