Overcoming Fear To Activate The Law Of Attraction

How To Destory Fear And Allow The Universe To Deliver MONEY, WELLBEING, HEALTH, ABUNDANCE, AND MORE Into Your Life!
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Learn exactly why watching The Secret and learning about the Law Of Attraction isn't enough to manifesting your desires.
How to overcome all irrational fear that is holding them back in order to take full control and reap all the benefits of the Law Of Attraction.
Understand each pillar of fear and negative emotion that is holding them back and how to overcome them in order to become a limitless and fearless being.
Broaden your understanding of negative emotion and why it's nothing that should be feared.


  • Basic knowledge of the Law Of Attraction


Be honest... how many of you out there have tried and tried over and over to utilize the amazing Law Of Attraction yet have seen no results whatsoever?

How many of you are tired of seeing all of the LOA guru's manifest their desires one after another, yet you can't seem to make anything happen for yourself?

I use to be in this exact spot! I watched The Secret, listened to hours of Abraham Hicks audio, yet I couldn't figure out how to activate the Law Of Attraction in my life.

After a couple more years of research and studying I finally found out the TRUTH!

I found out the reason the Law Of Attraction was not working for me and it was all because I was living in FEAR and I didn't even know it!

The truth is, as long as we are up high up on the vibrational spiral and feeling good the Law Of Attraction is constantly responding to us and sending us incredible thoughts and million dollar ideas... We are just unconsciously shutting them out because deep down we are afraid to move forward!

I put together this course in hopes to share with you exactly what I've learned about putting fear to rest once and for all and allowing only good things to flow to you!

It all comes down to finding what irrational fears exists inside you.. and then putting it to rest once and for all!

Here’s what you get:

  • The Complete "LOA Overcoming Fear" Video Course—a 45 minute audio/video course that teaches everything you need to know about overcoming fear and obstacles that are unconsciously blocking the Law Of Attraction from truly working in your life.

  • "LOA Overcoming Fear" Powerpoint Presentation— for easy access for note-taking and review you will receive the entire Powerpoint Presentation for your own records.

  • Best Fear Busting Affirmations—a list of some of the best affirmations for you to mediate to and/or recite in your every day life to start destroying the fear that is keeping all the things you want from coming into your life!

This Video Course includes topics like…

  • Law Of Attraction 101 RECAP

  • 3 pillars of fear that are holding you back

  • Why you should only be feeling fear when you are about to die

  • How to suspend limiting and negative beliefs about yourself

  • Replacing contradictory thoughts with confident thoughts

  • The entire reason you exist on earth

  • How to become a limitless being in order to be, do, or have anything you desire

Some of this stuff does require some practice and not everyone is guaranteed to succeed unless you put some effort into it, but I’ve learned the hard way how to make the Law Of Attraction truly work in my life and I feel confident that this course will give you the information you need to overcome fear and start making the Law Of Attraction work for you!

Who this course is for:

  • Individuals who can't get the Law Of Attraction to work for them
  • Individuals who are trying to overcome fear
  • Individuals who want to live the life of their dreams!

Course content

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Law Of Attraction And Self-Help Coach
Matt Stephenson
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Matt Stephenson is the owner and webmaster of QuickManifest[dot]com along with its Facebook and Instagram pages. He has been studying the Law Of Attraction for nearly 5 years and received his Law Of Attraction Coaching Certification from Joe Vitale and The Global Science Foundations.

Matt not only has a passion for teaching and utilizing the Law Of Attraction, but he is also a self-help teacher specializing in helping people overcome Retroactive Jealousy and Relationship Jealousy.

Matt's hobby's include traveling, hanging out with his wife, and enjoying the expansion moments of his time in this life!