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The different aspects of health
The connection between eating healthy and exercise
Personal hygiene and appearance as part of your overall health
Creating a healthy routine
Mental health including healthy resting habits


  • Willing to learn about a healthy lifestyle
  • Take time to invest in health


Overall Health:

  • Link between physical health and mental health

    - Physical exercise in a community or alone

    - Manage emotions and stress

    - Eat healthy

    - Avoid processed food

  • How to create healthy resting habits and reduce stress

    - Create a nice environment

    - Set a good mood

    - Stay with a bed time schedule

    - Create bed time rituals

  • We will also work on personal hygiene and appearance

    - Increase our confidence

    - Reduce chances of getting sick

  • Individual more confidence in a social encounter

    - Improve social encounters

  • Create a healthy Routine

    - Routine creates structure

    - Increase productivity

    - Reduce stress

  • Manage good and bad habits

    - Identify bad habits

    - Cause of the bad habit

    - Reduce bad habits

    - Increase good habits

  • The goal is to provide you with the tools and information to manage your Overall health

Theo Heath is helping to shape goal-focused, healthy and balanced individuals

Maintain your mental and physical health and improve confidence and social encounters.

Benefits of maintaining a mental and physical health:

- Reduce stress

- Reduce your bad habits

- Feel healthy

- Reduce the likelihood of decease

- Increase confidence in social encounters

- Reduce doctor and dental bills

- Enjoy just the correct amount of rest

- Learn to manage your emotions

- Increase productivity

- Increase good habits and create a healthy routine

- Create a healthy lifestyle

- Improve relationships

- Reduce the likelihood of mental illness

Who this course is for:

  • Individuals wanting to make a change in their health
  • Individuals that want to improve overall health


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