Creative Portrait Photography Series: Outdoor Milk Bath
4.0 (46 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
793 students enrolled

Creative Portrait Photography Series: Outdoor Milk Bath

Learn how to create stunning 'dreamy water' style images on a budget, including setup, shoot and retouching in Photoshop
4.0 (46 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
793 students enrolled
Created by Sandy Dee
Last updated 10/2018
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What you'll learn
  • Create pool-style portraits on a small budget - including detailed prop shopping tips
  • How to visualize the setup and consider the location
  • Know what the best camera settings are for your project, as well as tips for flash
  • Posing tips on how to shape the model in a small space
  • Understand how to use the light meter
  • 3+ hours of Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop to retouch your images - these tricks will help you in all your future portrait shoots!
  • You should have basic DSLR skills, and access to a flash unit with a trigger (e.g. pocket wizard)
  • Access to Adobe Bridge, Adobe Camera Raw/Lightroom, and Photoshop
  • The desire to create fashion inspired portrait images!

Featured Review: 

"This tutorial is first-rate! It shows step-by-step the process of doing an outdoor creative water shoot, and is loaded with helpful tips on how to do it (based on first-hand experience). Highly recommended for anyone interested in doing this super-creative type of shot!" - Dave Palmer

Are you looking for fresh inspiration in your beauty and fashion photography?

Do you want to take advantage of the nice weather and bring your photography sessions outdoors?

Do you suffer from a slow summer season and need new ways to attract more clients?

Do you want to create jaw dropping mini sessions to boost your income?

Do you want to stand out from the crowd, wow your clients and attract models with eye-catching photography?

Then this course is perfect for you. Celebrate the summer with a magazine style 'pool shoot' that is playful with a gorgeous feminine yet empowering look! Your clients will feel like top models in the Caribbean - and what's more, creative portrait photography doesn’t have to break the bank. There are no borders to conceptual photography, as we'll show you with inexpensive props and a small outdoor area.

You’ll be amazed at what you can do with just a kiddie pool, bath drops, flowers, milk and other creative props!

You will learn:

  • Preparing the shoot - location, practical considerations.

  • Posing tips when the model is lying in the kiddie pool.

  • Camera settings, using a light meter, flash and natural lighting options.

  • Fly on the wall view of 3 photoshoot sets - water, colors and flowers, milk 'hot pink'.

  • 3+ hours of Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop videos to transform the images into stunning works of art!

Do you love working with flash? Natural light? Both?

Sandy and Matt will cover flash techniques and camera settings, as well as the best ways to take advantage of natural light to get the most variety from your shoot.

First, Sandy and Matt take you through the preparation and set up of the shoot, including what props to buy, practical tips on handling posing your model in water, and camera and lighting settings. Then you'll get a fly on the wall view of the shoot that implements all the ideas so you can do exactly the same.

Then Sandy walks through a complete, comprehensive Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop set of tutorials (over 3 hours) on how to transform the images into amazing works of fine art. At the end, your images will look like they belong in a high fashion magazine and your clients will receive a truly unique style of photography that sets you apart from your competitors.

Whether you are a beginner DSLR photographer or a seasoned pro, you will find a host of tips and tricks that will help you create fantastic images. 

This highly practical course shows you a new way of beauty photography - how to create a ‘dreamy water’ pool-style that will be an outstanding addition to your portfolio. If you want to achieve higher sales, and help to think outside the box for your next photoshoot, then this course is for you!

Who this course is for:
  • Portrait photographers who are looking for new inspiration
  • Photographers who want to enhance their skills in Adobe Photoshop
Course content
Expand all 56 lectures 05:24:51
+ Preparation
12 lectures 34:29

Introduction - why this course is for you

Preview 02:08
Location: The Kiddie Pool And Its Challenges
Working Around The Kiddie Pool Size Limitations
Going Shopping!
Walk Through Of All The Props

Before running headfirst into the shoot, Sandy and Matt describe the importance of planning the right flow of the shoot. This will save you a ton of time and mistakes by helping you prepare in advance.

The Flow of the Shoot
Camera Equipment: Lens and Flash
Camera Settings: Aperture Effects and Shutter Speed
Camera Settings: Using an Assistant, Reflectors and White Balance

Shooting in a small area like a kiddie pool only gives you a small frame in which to shoot, which may feel limiting at first. This is why briefing the model with the right posing instructions is crucial to achieving a wide variety of images. For your convenience you will also find some excerpts from Sandy's book Posing Like A Pro which gives you the most important overview on how to pose the model's hands.

Posing the model

Last but not least - we will explain why a light will make your life easier and why it takes the 'guess work' out of your photoshoot so you can focus on taking great images and not have to worry if your lighting is correct. In Photoshop this frees you up so you can be creative in your enhancements instead of focussing on corrections.

Preview 01:18
+ The Shoot
4 lectures 16:33

A fly on the wall view of the first set with just the kiddie and water - watch how Sandy communicates with the model Lady Aurora and flows through the different angles and poses. At the end you will see the original images versus the final images to give you a taste of what's the come!

Photoshoot: Set 1 - Kiddie Pool and Water

Here Sandy shows you how to add the right amount of bath drops and flowers to the water, to set the scene for the next set.

Photoshoot: Set 2 Prep- Adding Color and Flowers to the Water

A fly on the wall view of set 2 - you've got the idea of the flow of the shoot by now, so we fast forward through the set to give you an overview of how the same kiddle pool will offer a dreamy look.

Photoshoot: Set 2 - Color and Flowers

The final set - adding milk to the purple water to get the 'hot pink' effect, again with before and after images. Next up - photoshop!

Photoshoot: Set 3 - Adding Milk for a Hot Pink Effect
+ Workflows in Adobe Bridge - Choosing the Images
5 lectures 36:18

In this section Sandy walks you through her workflow in Adobe Bridge for selecting images. She will show you how to define and analyze your images for the best potential. 

Editing Intro - Recap and Review of Images

A "well-oiled" process is crucial in speeding up your workflow. In this lecture Sandy will show you how she narrows down her images and explains the importance of being strict on deleting images.

Workflow - Narrowing Down The Images with the Red Label

The color label is just one way to rate your images, in this tutorial Sandy will show you how to rate your images with the star-system. 

Preview 08:25

Bonus: Sandy will teach a few more things to look out for in your shoot so you will end up only with the best images and can create a workflow with ease.

Workflow - Things to Look Out For in your Shoot and in your Images

In this lecture Sandy will teach you why some poses work better than others.

Workflow - Recognizing Good Poses and Posing Tips
+ Editing Image 1 - the ' Caribbean Fashion Look'
19 lectures 02:17:27

If you never worked in Adobe Camera Raw - don't worry: Sandy will walk you through it - she will explain all the basic adjustments (but you can also achieve the same look in Lightroom).

Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) - Basic Adjustments for the 'Caribbean Fashion Look'

In this lecture Sandy will demonstrate the amazing feature that allows you to change color with ease - and she explains why it's even better than Photoshop's way of changing color.

ACR - Color Correction and Sharpening for 'Caribbean Fashion'

For anybody who doesn't like or want to use ACR - Sandy will show you how you can develop your picture the same way in Lightroom.

Lightroom Overview - Conversion for the 'Caribbean Fashion Look'

Now we will enhance the picture even further with the help of Photoshop, first step: Paint your environment.

Adobe Photoshop (PS) - Painting the Pool

In the next step we prep the picture for a water texture and start with skin adjustments (how to use the healing brush on an empty layer).

Adobe PS - Correcting Pool and Skin with the Healing Brush, and Water Texture

In this lecture Sandy will explain to you the amazing way how a texture can help you to transform your image from being a picture to becoming a piece of art. 

Adobe PS - How to Add Water Textures

Further fine tuning with the help of ACR.

Adobe PS - Water Color Correction in ACR

In this step it's all about "Bodytransformation" and "Bodyshaping" - how to change the model's body to make it looks its best without changing too much. Sandy will guide you to her workflow to help you using the Liquify Filter to create subtle yet stunning results. 

Adobe PS - Body Shaping with Transformation and the Liquify Filter

In this lecture Sandy will teach you how the Channel Mixer will help you to see potential problems in the model's skin.

Adobe PS - Skin Preparation: How to use the Channel Mixer as a 'Help Layer'

Learn about the Frequency Separation Technique and How to save an "action". If you ever wanted to know how professional photographers are using the Frequency Separation (FS), now is your chance to watch Sandy do it. She will explain all these steps that look complicated at first but once mastered, you can apply it in future retouching projects with ease. And - you will learn how easy it is to record a "photoshop action" ! This way you won't need to worry about remembering all the steps about FS in the future. 

Adobe PS - Skin Retouching (Shine Removal) with Frequency Separation

In this crucial lecture you will learn about a great way to achieve soft skin in photoshop without losing any pores. Sandy will teach you how you can easily create a very flattering result but without the worry of a "fake" looking skin.

Adobe PS - Skin Softening with the 'Powder Technique'

After creating soft and beautiful looking skin, now it's time to add back some contrast to it. Sandy will explain different ways how photographers are using the "Dodge and Burn" Technique and which way to use it to master the best result for a three dimensional result that will slim, shape and flatter any body type.

Adobe PS - Enhancing Shadows and Highlights with Dodge and Burn

In this lecture you will learn how to add even more flattering and dramatic contrast while at the same time you can judge if the image would also work as a black and white image. 

Preview 01:26

Are you worried that the "Caribbean Summer Look" won't work with pale looking people? No need! In this section Sandy will show you how you can achieve a natural tanned look for your model or client.

Adobe PS - How to Darken the Skin for the 'Caribbean Fashion Look'

In this lecture you will hear about why the Smart Filter is great to use and how to enhance your image even further.

Adobe PS - Fine Tuning the Water with the Smart Filter

As Sandy stated it is not necessary that you need to employ a make-up artist for your shoot. As long as your model or client can apply her make-up in a way that it provides a good base - everything else we can enhance and intensify in photoshop. See how easy it is to apply a different colored eye shadow, intensify blush and lipstick - and even nail polish you can change if you wish. 

Adobe PS - Intensifying Make-Up for the 'Caribbean Fashion Look'

Last adjustments: Learn how to fine tune your image with the Patch, Clone and Healing Tool.

Adobe PS - Fine Tuning the Image with Patch Tool, Clone Tool and Airbrush

In this step, Sandy will tell you her big secret on how she achieves that special glow that makes her images so unique. Hint: It's a recipe in one of the NIK filters (which are now owned by google and available for free!).

Adobe PS - Soft and Glamorous Glow with the Nik Filter

In this lecture you will hear how you can sharpen your image to achieve a truly stunning result. 

Adobe PS - Sharpening the Image
+ Editing - Image 2 'Caribbean Fashion Look'
7 lectures 40:57

You thought each image takes a loooong time to retouch? No - it won't! In this tutorial Sandy will show you how you can transfer your image settings to a new one. 

Copying ACR Settings Between Images to Save Time

And even better - you can also take over image information and layers in photoshop from an already worked on image to a new one. This will speed up your work process and makes retouching a lot faster! 

Copying Adobe PS Information Between Images to Speed Up Your Workflow

Quick Edit Intro.

Intro to the Realtime Edit

Watch how Sandy edits in real time.

Adobe PS - Watch me Edit (Pool Painting)

In this lecture you will learn how you can speed up your workflow even more: The magic? Color Range.

Adobe PS - Speed up Your Workflow with the Color Range (Water Texture)

More Image Enhancement and Body Shaping will be taught in this lecture. 

Adobe PS - Body Shaping with the Liquify Filter

Once more you will be able to see how Sandy enhances Skin: FS, The Powder Technique and Skin Tanning.

Adobe PS - Retouching the Skin (Frequency Separation, Powdering, Tanning, D&B)
+ Editing Image 3 - Dreamy Water Colors, Flowers and Feathers
4 lectures 43:46

In this lecture you will see how Sandy edits the second set: It's going to be dreamy and you will learn to create stunning fine art.

Preview 04:54

Another way to learn how the Smart Filter can be extremely useful and how it will help you to work non-destructive. 

Adobe PS Part 1 - Dreamy Water Editing with Smart Objects and Color Range

In this lecture you will learn all about "Dreamy Water" Colors and how to add flares for this fantasy style look.

Adobe PS Part 2 - How to Achieve the 'Dreamy Water' Colors
Bonus: How to Clone Flowers From One Image to the Other
+ Editing Image 3 - Speed Editing the Hot Pink Look
1 lecture 04:01

By now you know all the secrets and techniques: In this fast-forward "fly on the wall" edit you can watch how Sandy transformed the third set (hot pink) into a romantic yet dramatic look.

Speed Editing - Putting it all Together with a Fly on the Wall Speed Edit
+ Bonus Content
2 lectures 10:32

If you ever wanted to build your own Flower Crown - don't worry, it's easy! Sandy explains all the necessary ingredients and what to look out for.

Flower Crown - overview

Watch Sandy build a Flower Crown from Scratch. Have fun with trying it yourself! It will provide a creative and unique look to all your shoots and will "wow" your clients and models. 

Flower Crown - putting it together
+ Thank You!
2 lectures 00:48

Thank you for watching our tutorial! We wish you amazing shoots with this truly creative concept! 

Summary and Thank You