Organizational Innovation

Lessons from Silicon Valley on how to operate like a Silicon Valley startup, no matter how big an organization.
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Organizational Innovation - Lessons From Silicon Valley for Radically Improving How Organizations Work
Introduction to the 'Success Journey - of The Employee'.
Introduction to Innovation Resource Planning (IRP).
Learn to Coach OI


  • Have a little understanding of business projects, change management, business systems and generally been through organizational changes.
  • Be able to consider new things as an evolution on existing, well known things, like project management.


This course puts you on the road to becoming a registered OI Coach. OI Certification is considered an evolution in growing your Project Management, Change Management, Agile Coach skills, and career. This course takes lessons from Silicon Valley organizations and offers them to students as a way to help you create a more innovative organization where you work, or for your clients as an OI Coach.

Who this course is for:

  • Business people who do Project Management, Agile, Change Management, IT Implementations, People Development Coaches and Executives, Managers and line-supervisors.
  • Managers
  • Innovators
  • People who are passionate about creating better organizations

Course content

4 sections29 lectures1h 48m total length
  • Introduction
  • Introduction
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Organizational Innovation™ Author, Founder Coach OI. Join us
Paul C. Wilson
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I love creating delight and inspiring hope, while fastidiously doing my job: Building awareness of Organizational Innovation™ and how SAP, Salesforce and other enterprise systems can be better leveraged, when using the Organizational Innovation approach. In other words not just pushed in, but rather pulled in by users.

My professional focus is to help clients achieve their strategic objectives implementing short, medium and long term transformations using shared service approaches and technology solutions that help to solve the right problems, using Organizational Innovation™.

After working with Stanford University, I put design-thinking at the forefront of my work, using empathy to really help understand how organizations and people can achieve greater levels of innovation using OI™.

Now with Organizational Innovation™, SAP Intelligent Enterprise and Leonardo, SAP clients and implementation teams, can make anything possible.

If you're interested and want to read more about Organizational Innovation, please search on Amazon, my books should appear in the search results.