Trauma-Informed Schools

A trauma-informed approach to the removal of bullying and all forms of violence from schools
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How to make schools safer


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In this course we explore a trauma-informed approach to the removal of bullying and all forms of violence from schools, in particular, but also from homes and workplaces.

Our youth should not be thinking about safety when their attention should be on the web development, software programming or the other subjects that are really important to them.

Parents need to know that the bodies, mind and souls of those most precious to them are being well taken care of.

This course is designed to help you ensure that your school, your home and your workplace remain, or become, safe nurturing and healing environments.

Who this course is for:

  • Parents, Students and Educators


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Philip Be'er
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Advanced Counseling-Style Support for Individuals, Families

By going  directly to the root of whatever's ailing a person, I've been able to  help my clients and students heal their emotional wounding very rapidly,  without delving too deeply into early trauma.

Recent Accomplishments

Accurately mapped emotional-stress response  in the human psyche, making it possible, for the first time to  completely eliminate 90% or more of our emotional-stress

Developed several proven techniques for healing 'fossil' trauma

Developed Behavioural Loop Theory

Developed powerful techniques for understanding and integrating our Shadow

Accelerated the personal transformation and healing processes using  proprietary ‘Compassion Maps’ and a 'BEnome Mapping' process (a  Genome-like mapping tool applied to the individual human psyche)

Authored a manual for transformative behavioural-change titled “Learning to Love – Your Guide to Personal Empowerment

Recorded a number of popular Online Courses  and YouTube Videos

Worked extensively with students and clients, in  Canada and internationally

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