Oracle SQL Starting Point

Learn how to use Oracle SQL
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Learn how to install Oracle, SQL Developer and gain a sound understanding of SQL, SQL PLus and SQL Developer


  • Basic PC knowledge


·Oracle SQL. 

You will learn how to use the industry  standard tool for working with a Relational Database.  You will also learn many other things, from  constructing simple queries to creating your own  tables.

·Oracle SQL*Plus. 

After the course you should have a  good understanding of SQL*Plus, from starting it, to  creating simple reports on it.

·Oracle SQL Developer.

We will go over the SQL Developer components and see how it hangs together

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Oracle SQL

Course content

8 sections35 lectures4h 10m total length
  • Course Overview


Kal Younes
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I am Kal Younes, I have been working in the IT industry for over twenty five years. I have started as a developer using earlier programing languages such as Pascal, COBOL and RPG. I have worked form many international companies across the world, from banking to finance houses, from software to service, from oil to refining. I have gain considerable experience. The applications I have developed to co-developed where used across the world to provide better service to customer and make their lives easier. Following through my career I move to Unix system administration working for a large world wide well known mobile phone and communication systems manufacturer. This was the beginning of mobile phone era and we have installed many mobile phone systems around the world. While I was a Unix administrator I had access to Oracle database and had the opportunities to learn while I am working. I had to support the Oracle databases and got certified professorial Oracle certifications from Oracle 8i, Oracle 9i, oracle 10g and Oracle 11g. Using Oracle database I became and Oracle database administrator supporting thousands or database for some of the larges banks in world. While I was working with the banking industry, I had the opportunities to gain other RDBMS technologies such as SQL Server and MySQL and Sybase. Also learned other scripting and programming languages such as Java, SQL, PSQL, Perl and more. I hope this qualify me to provide a service to help others become more productive in their lives and have a better future.