Oracle RAC beginners guide

In depth knowledge on Oracle RAC
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In-depth knowledge on Oracle RAC


  • Basic knowledge on Linux
  • Knowledge on RDBMS
  • Knowledge on Oracle Standalone database


Here we will discuss explicitly on Oracle RAC and its features.

For full content on Oracle RAC, please visit our Youtube playlist and blog.

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1. In-depth knowledge on RAC

a. What is Clusterware

b. Various features of RAC

c. Various features of ASM

d. ASM Flex

e. ASM Redundancy types

f. Number of IP’s required in RAC

g. Brief on SCAN IP's and VIP's

2. Set up Oracle 19c RAC in your own laptop

a. This will include from setting up your Virtual machine to DNS to Linux System too.

b. Oracle 19c Grid Infrastructure and RAC Database creation

3. Change SCAN Name and SCAN Listener Port

a. Change SCAN Name in Oracle RAC

b. Change SCAN Listener Port

4. Oracle RAC on AWS

a. Installing Oracle RAC on AWS

b. Administration of Oracle RAC on AWS

5. Upgrade and patch your Oracle GI and RAC database to 19c

a. Upgrade from 12c to 19c using DBUA and discuss on few issues faced

b. Silent upgrade of GI and database

c. Applying Opatchauto to your Grid Infrastructure and RAC Database

6. Concepts of RAC Dataguard

a. Steps to setup Dataguard with RAC Primary and Standalone Physical Standby

b. Step by step creation of 2 Node RAC Physical Standby database and discuss on few issues faced

c. Steps to convert 2 Node Physical Standby RAC database to Snapshot Standby

7. De-install Oracle 19c Grid Infrastructure

For full content on Oracle RAC, please visit our Youtube playlist

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  • Beginner

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5 sections7 lectures2h 16m total length
  • Introduction
  • Full Course Content


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