Oracle Database Architecture

Concepts of Oracle Database Architecture
Rating: 4.3 out of 5 (656 ratings)
10,730 students
Oracle Database Architecture
Rating: 4.3 out of 5 (656 ratings)
10,730 students
Understand the concepts of Oracle Database Architecture and Administration


  • Good understand in working with SQL

In this course you will learn about the architectural components of Oracle Database. You will learn about the various Processes , Memory areas, Files that are involved in the Architecture of Oracle Database. This course will help you to get a deep understanding of the fundamentals of Oracle Database Architecture and will lay the foundation for skills on the job as a DBA and also help you in taking up the DBA certification.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who would like to learn about Oracle Database Architecture
1 section • 34 lectures • 3h 42m total length
  • Introduction to Computing Architecture
  • Oracle Database Architecture Overview
  • Oracle Database and Instance Components
  • Oracle Instance Components
  • Oracle Database Files
  • What is the Listener?
  • SELECT STatement processing
  • DML Statement Processing
  • DDL Statement Processing
  • Instance Recovery
  • Redo Logs
  • Concurrent Transactions
  • Oracle Instance Startup
  • Oracle Instance Shutdown
  • Introduction to Real Application Clusters
  • Crash Recovery in Oracle RAC
  • How do applications Connect to the Database
  • Shared Server Configuration
  • Connection Pool
  • Connection Pool Optimization
  • Global Temporary Tables
  • Physical and Logical Structures
  • Different Types of Tablespaces
  • Read Consistency - Introduction
  • Read Consistency - Statement Level
  • System Change Number (SCN)
  • Read Consistency - Transaction Level
  • What are Data Blocks?
  • Structure of Data Blocks
  • Structure of a Row
  • Space Management
  • User and Schema
  • User Profiles

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