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Learn to trade options and be a profitable option trader. Vertical credit spreads, puts calls, assignment etc.
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How to trade options profitably
How to be a consistently profitable options trader
Trade options and become a profitable option trader with high probability trading
Vertical credit spreads
Puts and calls. Put and call options
Why selling options is better than buying options


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Learn the best option trading strategy so that you can be a consistently profitable option trader.

Learn options trading 101 and learn about puts and calls.

Learn about vertical credit spreads and how to trade the stock market.

Financial trading, stock market trading and the best trading strategy.

This course is perfect for traders of all experience levels so that you can learn options trading for beginners.

It teaches you how to SELL option premium so that you can collect option premium and collect premium like

Derivatives trading, option trading, options traders learn how to sell option premium.

We also discuss buying options and why it doesn't provide the highest probability of profit.

Option trading can be a great way to consistently earn profits in the stock market by trading.

By trading options, you'll learn a great option trading strategy where you can place the probability of profit in your favor and learn how to earn consistent profits.

This course includes:

1) Watchlist

2) Discussion of strategy

3) How to manage positions

4) How and when to take profits

5) How to structure your trades so that you're profitable

This course is FREE because the knowledge of selling option premium is very valuable and it's something that you should have!

It's very important that you learn how to trade and sell option premium because it can help you be a consistently profitable options trader.

Who this course is for:

  • Stock market and option traders of all experience levels
  • Investors who are interested in selling option premium
  • Those interested in high-probability trading and those interested in option trading


Learn how to trade options
Assel Mayem
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  • 3,190 Students
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Options trader.

Learn how to sell option premium and learn how to trade profitably.

Learn the best options trading strategy so that you can become a successful and profitable trader.

I have learned how to buy and sell options and it's my goal to teach you the best options trading strategy so that you can learn how to be a consistently profitable trader in the stock market.

Learn the best option trading strategy.

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