A Beginner's Guide to Solve Linear Programming Problems

Linear Optimization: Solving steps of Graphical method, Simplex method,Duality from Primal LPP and Dual variable LPP
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Solving Mechanism of Graphical Method, Simplex Method and Dual LPP.


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Linear programming or linear optimization is a process which takes into consideration certain linear relationships to obtain the best possible solution to a mathematical model. It is also denoted as LPP. It is used for obtaining the most optimal solution for a problem with given constraints. In linear programming we formulate our real-life problem into a mathematical model. It involves an objective function, linear inequalities with subject to constraints. Linear programming (LP also called linear optimization) is a method to achieve the best outcome (such as maximum profit or lowest cost) in a mathematical model whose requirements are represented by linear relationships. Linear programming is a special case of mathematical programming (also known as mathematical optimization).

Linear programming can be applied to various fields of study. It is widely used in mathematics and to a lesser extent in business, economics and for some engineering problems. Industries that use linear programming models include transportation, energy, telecommunications and manufacturing. It has proven useful in modeling diverse types of problems in planning, routing, scheduling, assignment and design.

This course is in English and Tamil language and helps in understanding:

  • Objective function and constraints.

  • Study of Graphical method to solve LPP.

  • Step by step solution of maximization and minimization case LPP using Graphical method.

  • Study of Simplex method to solve LPP.

  • Step by step solution of maximization case LPP using Simplex method.

  • Simplex table construction and calculation of new values.

  • How to get optimum solution from Simplex table.

  • How to form Duality from Primal LPP.

  • Step by step solving of Dual variable LPP using Simplex method.

Who this course is for:

  • ME, M TECH, BE, B TECH, MBA, BBA, MCA, BCA, Commerce and Management Studies students.


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