Operational amplifier and its applications

Learn about op-amp and its application
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Operational Amplifier, OP-Amp as inverting and non-inverting amplifier, OP-Amp as average, substractor, integrator and differentiator


  • Basic knowledge of Electronics


An amplifier is an electronic device which can amplify a weak electrical signal. Operational Amplifier is one of the important part of modern working electronics. The opamp is employed in various devices. Basics logic gate operations, RC circuits, Wien bridge circuits are some of the circuits in which an opamp may be used. A standard opamp has two terminals; the inverting and non-inverting. Electronics usually demands a proper understanding of circuits. Appropriate circuits are drawn to explain the different uses of opamp.

A systematic approach of this topic is presented in this lecture series. The topic of opamp is very extensive, but considering the essence of this course, some of the important topics are discussed. In this course the students will learn about the basics and use of one such device known as the Operational amplifier. The lecture is divided into two sections.

Section 1: This section discuss the basics of opamp along with its representation and circuit details.

Section 2: The application of opamp are discussed. The use of Op-Amp as inverting amplifier, non-inverting amplifier, substractor, average, differentiator and integrator is explained.

This course is primarily aimed at students who are in electronics or advanced physics. The course can be helpful for both undergraduate and post graduate students.

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  • Undergraduate and Post-graduate students

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  • Introduction to Operational Amplifier


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