Hooked On Modals: for Russian-speaking Students

A month-long intensive to help you start using modal verbs effortlessly
Rating: 0.0 out of 5 (0 ratings)
246 students
Hooked On Modals: for Russian-speaking Students
Rating: 0.0 out of 5 (0 ratings)
246 students
Easily identify the type of any modal verb and its use
Notice and then use modals in real-life situations
Use modals every day


  • The students must be advanced, near-native or native speakers of Russian
  • The students must have the solid knowledge of basic English Grammar terminology
  • The students must be familiar with the English system of tenses
  • The students have to be at least intermediate in their understanding of English

Do you know that your level of English Grammar confidence is often judged, among other things, on how well you can use modal verbs. You may know everything there is to know about English tenses, articles and all other basics (right, that's what they are - the basics), but until you know how to say "may have done" without a flinch and until you stop stumbling over all the "should have dones," and know when to use either form, your English Grammar level is no higher than Pre-Intermediate.

However, this all is fixable, and I can help you work on it in as short as 1 month! This course contains 4 modules, each of them can easily be covered within 1 week. You'll watch a short video-tutorial with simple and clear explanations, oral and written exercises, cartoons illustrating the use of a particular modal, and a practical assignment that involves a video clip from a real-life situation where a number of modals are used.

The course is targeted for Russian-Speaking audience only.

Please do not sign up if you expect the materials to be in English.

Who this course is for:
  • The course is targeted for the Russian-speaking students of English.
  • 95% of all the materials in the course (that includes video tutorials and drills are in Russian.
  • The course is NOT designed for non-Russian speakers of English.
Course content
5 sections • 44 lectures • 1h 31m total length
  • A 4-week Modals-Cracking Plan
    5 pages
  • Any Modal Verb Belongs to one of These Three Groups
  • Learn the Ropes: Can, Could and be Able to
  • Can, could, be Able to: Train your Muscles (1)
  • Can, could, be able to: Train your Muscles (2)
  • Gain your secret power: learn could do/could have done
  • A really fun translation exercise: could you do it?
    7 pages
  • Could do/Could have done: Train your muscles (1)
  • Could do/Could have done: Train your muscles (2)
  • Real-Life Grammar: An Easy practical assignment
  • Real-Life Grammar: An Intermediate practical assignment
  • Answers to all exercises
  • Learn the ropes: must, may, might
  • Dig deeper into must, may and might
  • What's up with the "must" verb?
    12 pages
  • Must, may, might, can't: Train your muscles (1)
    1 page
  • Must, may, might: Train your muscles (2)
  • Cumulative test can&co + must &co Interactive - online
  • Here's something new: may as well/might as well
  • Fun translation exercise - yes, may as well work on it ;)
    7 pages
  • A more serious translation exercise may as well/might as well
    1 page
  • Real-Life Grammar: Note the use of might as well
  • Key to exercises module 2
    3 pages
  • Practical Assignment Key
    1 page
  • What's up with the "necessity" verbs group?
  • What's the difference between have to and must?
  • What's the deal with should, ought to, and need to?
  • Fill in the gaps: have to, must, should modals
  • Fun translation exercises with "should"
    7 pages
  • Must, mustn't, should, have to: Train your muscles (1)
  • Must, mustn't, have to, should: Train your muscles (2)
  • Real-Life Grammar: Watch and Note the Modals
  • Answers to all exercises module 3
  • Another secret meaning of "should"
  • What's the deal with had better/it's time?
  • Polite requests with modals
  • The "secret" should: train your muscles (1)
  • Had better/it's time: train your muscles (2)
  • Polite requests: train your muscles (3)
  • Cumulative test: train your muscles (4)
  • Had Better It's Time Cartoons
    9 pages
  • Should, had better, it's time: train your muscles (5)
  • Real-life Grammar with Mariah Carey
  • Answers to all exercises module 4

Accent Trainer. Business Coach for Online Language Teachers.
Elena Mutonono
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     As an accent coach and an amateur musician, I love the melody of the English language. What I discovered in my years of teaching pronunciation is that what matters isn't a collection of random sounds or words and how clearly you can pronounce them. What matters is what connects these words to make a language appealing, frustrating to understand and (once mastered) liberating to speak.

In my accent teaching approach I look at what is happening between the words and how learning to connect them and stress them helps you sound more fluent, understand more easily and communicate with people without focusing on the words.

The goal isn't a perfect accent. The goal is mastering the flow of the language and expressing it while speaking.

Currently I help online language teachers turn their lessons into solid online businesses so they can work smarter, make more money and impact more people with their message of change.