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How To Save a Life: 7 Easy Steps
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At the end of this course, You will be able to: Demonstrate seven steps of CPR and apply those in life-threatening situations. Know how CPR works to bring life back of a clinically dead person. Be having the feeling of empowerment with a life-saving skill.


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At the end of the course, You will be able to:


Demonstrate how to Recognise Cardiac Arrest

Perform Chest Compressions

Execute how to Open the Airway

Demonstrate how to give Breaths

Use Automated External Defibrillator (AED)


Describe why the learning of CPR skill is important

Explain how the Normal body functions for survival

Identify what happens in the Cardiac Arrest and how much time a clinically dead person has.

Explain the causes of Cardiac arrest: H's and T's

Recognize the Legal implications: Good Samaritan Law

Illustrate that one can not harm or kill the patient while doing Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation

Explain the options if suspicious of Disease Transmission

Describe what to do if the scene is not safe

Explain how to Activate the Emergency Medical System (EMS)

Describe the considerations in the Corona pandemic


Empowered with a Life-Saving CPR Skill

Confidence in handling Life-threatening situations like cardiac arrest, drowning, etc.

Have no fear of Legalities, Disease transmission, Unsure of skill, Harm or Kill the patient, unsafe scene

The Satisfaction of Saving a life in a real-life situation is an essential act of humanity.

Don’t feel Guilty that your loved ones or another person do not get the best Chance of Survival

Don’t have a feeling of Helplessness even if Alone in an Emergent life-threatening situation.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is aimed at Every Person who does not acquire the CPR skill to save the Life of a Family member or another person


Dr. Sushil Kumar
  • 4.8 Instructor Rating
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  • 691 Students
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Dr. Sushil Kumar: MBBS, MD, DNB, MNAMS, Ex. PGIMER Chandigarh, India; Senior Consultant Anesthesiology & ICU, & Quality-Head; CPR Mentor, Researcher, Author, Founder of IILSS( International Institute of Life-Saving Skills).

There is nothing else great, special, and the most beautiful entity other than life on this globe. When you feel the heartbeat’s sounds or the warm breath of your beloved one, that feeling is beyond words. IILSS ultimate Goal is to imbibe Life-saving skills in you to Save loved ones or another person’s life.

I am presently working as a Senior Consultant Anaesthesiology and ICU. I hold the position of Quality Head in a multispecialty Parmar hospital in India. I am graduated with MBBS from PGIMS Rohtak, the then-only medical college in Haryana. After acquiring the MD in Anaesthesiology & ICU from PGIMER Chandigarh, one of India’s premier medical research institutes, I completed my residency. During the residency period, I provided superior care and consultation under worthy seniors’ supervision, resulting in an overall improvement of the department’s patient satisfaction quotients. Self-inspiration and motivation lead me to acclaim DNB and MNAMS not only for self-satisfaction but also for the medical profession’s betterment.

I am having the life membership of various medical associations viz. IMA, ISA, ICA, IJOA, and JACP, etc. I have more than 20 years of experience working in the perioperative area and ICU to manage critically ill patients. During this tenure, I was contributed to the fastest recovery of the patients. I was involved in broadening doctors, nurses, and OT assistants' horizons by improving their life-saving skills.

I currently have more than 20 publications, out of which 16 were published in International Journals and others in national Journals. I am the co-author of the booklet on Back-Care published by the Department of Pain Clinic, PGIMER Chandigarh.

I played a vital role in developing the protective systems for monitoring cables of the anesthesia workstation. I am also one of the three-team members who developed a low-cost ventilator for Covid patients under the Government Funded Project. Rotary Vocational Services Award decorates my medical career for Ethical Practices in the field of Medicine.

I am certified in Research Methodology and Biostatistics at PGIMER, Chandigarh. I was a founder member of the north zone ethics committee. I am a certified Palliative Medicine Specialist. I am a practitioner of Pain Clinic and serving humanity by mitigating their pain.

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