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There's a proven system behind successful online health courses. If you want to create them, then you need to know it.
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Overall: Learn how to use the Online Course Model, an efficient system to create more effective online health coaching courses.
Overall: Create a robust course skeleton that makes your final steps of course creation so much easier and more enjoyable (course production, delivery, and evaluation).
Bonus: You'll use the comprehensive Online Course Model Workbook to help you take action efficiently and confidently.
Milestone: Create your course Problem, and more importantly, the Purpose that will guide your development.
Milestone: Identify the ideal Participants who resonate with you and your Purpose.
Milestone: Identify and name your online course Factors. These serve as key guideposts to keep your content organized, purposeful, and manageable.
Milestone: Effectively predict obstacles that will arise for your Participants and plan supports so that they can overcome and succeed. Addressing these obstacles will improve your Participant and course success.
Milestone: Conduct a more effective and tailored Validation process that gives you insight for next steps.
Milestone: Organize your course factors to improve participant success.
Next Step Prep: With your robust course skeleton in hand, you'll finalize your course solution and have a plan that takes you into course production, delivery, and evaluation with more confidence and efficiency.


  • No, but be ready to dive into behavior change concepts and theory to improve the impact of your work. And applying these concepts takes some work.
  • Also: This is not a get-rich-quick scheme/blueprint. This is a scientifically sound system to create more effective courses.


This course walks you through the Online Course Model, a six-phased system of online course creation, tailored for health coaches. It's essential that health coaching professionals utilize a theory-based system to create health promotion courses. Why? Because a course with a strong foundation in behavior change theory produces better client outcomes and is easier for health coaches to manage (aka: less work). Most coaches create courses by jamming as much information as they can in, with no theory or grounding framework. Don't fall into this messy and overwhelming trap.

You'll use the course videos and step-by-step course workbook to move through the model, setting you and your course up for success. Be sure to head to my website (Course Science) to learn the key tools to use when you're ready to create your course.

Outcome: You'll complete this course with a robust, scientifically sound course skeleton in hand.

Your course skeleton is the essential tool to more efficiently and confidently move into course production. Course production includes filming and writing the pieces of your course...thankfully, that's the easy part of creating an online course! I want to walk you through that tougher beginning part of actual course creation. You'll finish with everything you need, organized and ready to go, so that you can confidently film and write your course and launch it to your health coaching clients (and attract new ones).

No matter your health coaching specialty, building your health coaching course with the Online Course Model can help you improve your client outcomes, streamline your effort, and diversify your revenue streams.

Who this course is for:

  • Professional health coaches who want an efficient and effective development process for their online health coaching course(s).


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Aimee Prasek, PhD
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I'm obsessed with helping more people share more meaningful teachings in more effective ways. I think online courses are the best way to do that. If you're serious about creating an online course that makes this world a better place, then I'm here to help you make it happen. Learn more about my creds below.

What I'm Particularly Good At. Much of my work is focused on the utilization of online courses and technology solutions to communicate and deliver preventive health practices in more accessible and engaging ways. I have a particular knack for putting strategy and innovation behind the development and evaluation of digital courses for holistic and mental health programs. I've created dozens of these types of courses for not just my own businesses, but for lots of others (including big companies, independent practitioners, scientific studies, and exciting startups).

My WHY and HOW. Through my own struggles, I realized how terrible access to preventive and integrative health services were in the US. So, I set out on a mission to change that. I started in the health world with a BS in Psychology and Kinesiology. The mind-body connection was fascinating to me, so I completed my MA in Holistic Health Studies at St. Catherine University. I then completed my MA in Health Journalism and Communications at the University of Minnesota (UMN), with a focus in digital health communications and interventions. I then completed my PhD at the UMN with a focus in the conceptualization, design, development, and evaluation of online courses and interventions for high-impact health issues. I also received my doctoral minor in Integrative Healing Therapies and completed additional study in business modeling for the sustainability of digital interventions and technology solutions for public health issues. I warned you I was obsessed, right?

I've Had Lots of Support. As a boat-rocker in health innovation, my work has been supported and shaped by organizations and awards such as: Stanford's Compassion and Technology Award, SOFIA public health award, the National Science Foundation, MIN-CORPS, and several research fellowships. I also served as a Dalai Lama Fellow, a global initiative that aims to build and support a network of social innovators who skillfully blend ethics, contemplative values, and compassion into social innovation. The fellowship is personally authorized by the Fourteenth Dalai Lama.

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