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Where is this world Heading ?
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A Glance of how things will be in future
How the world would unite as one
How the technology will grow in future
How people would get married in the future
How the Technology will be in the future
What are the new types of religion that will be formed in the future
How the Art forms will evolve in the future


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This is the class where you will get to knw how the world will merge into one world one government. In this Class our guruji has clearly briefed about his vision on how the world would merge ? How many world wars will be there ? Will there be Peace or not ? What are the changes that People will have in the Future ? what will happen to the art forms, what kind of technological developments will happen ? , What is the reforms that education system will undergo ? How people will get married ? and many other things like place , transportation and telecommunication and their changes is mentioned in this class

Our Guruji had this vision downloaded from the Akashic vani the divine Knowledge and he was thrilled about the twists and turns in this path to one world one goverment where eveything is united after many wars where we have a common currency, roads, tunnels from one contry to another, non stop flights and many other thinngs are explained by our guruji in this class..

What will you Learn in this Class :

1. The Prophecies

2. How will the Place integrate ?

3. How money & transport will change ?

4. What will be changed in the art forms in the future ?

5. How the Environment & Technology will be adapted

6. What are the changes in Peace & Religion

Who this course is for:

  • People who are interested to know about the future


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Shri K B. Gopalakrishnan is a meditator and meditation teacher , who has tried many systems of meditation at a very early phase of his life . The prophecy about him says that “ He will have the Trikala Dhristi { the sight of past , present and future} “ and that he will be blessed by many divine beings.He was able to pinpoint the death of his aunt Shyamala without any physical symptoms, though she was hale and healthy and only then he realised that he also had Mrityu Siddhie - where one can see the death of a person in a easy fashion.

He has formulated the techniques in a workshop called “ MRITYU SIDDIE” and in this course he teaches people how to predict death and the list of factors that will happen before a person’s death.

Later he got interested in tarot cards and he mastered it at the age of 28. He has also had the full drishti in the sankhya philosophy of seeing life as five elements. And was able to see tarot cards five divisions as five elements and that is when he created a new system of reading Tarot cards using Five elements as the base. Till today he has predicted the lives of thousands of people and has taught this art to many of his students as well. He is proud to be the teacher of many profound Tarot readers of this generation. In fact his approach towards tarot cards is very unique and the way he uses it to predict is totally different. He has created an easy yet effective way to predict whereas other people use mere pictures in tarot to predict.

At the age of 29, he started to learn astrology and went on to give many successful mundane astrology predictions on various aspects like sports, economy, stock markets, wars and many more in sify. Later on he became a professional astrologer and deciphered the codes of nadi astrology and wrote a book named Practical applications of Nadi Astrology.

He has taught bhrigu nandi nadi in many workshops. In fact his usage of transit in nadi astrology is considered as a masterpiece in terms of astrological techniques.he has given more number of mundane astrology predictions than any other astrologers in the world like BV Raman, KN Rao, Sanjay Ruth. In the war against north indian and south indian astrologer bias, because of the fact that he was a south indian astrologer, he was neglected from being recognised for giving a lot of successful predictions in mundane astrology.

In 2004 he started a website named www .sathyaprema. com and was a pioneer in the field of vedic rituals ,that is when he also started www. astroaadheshrpo. com , India’s first online pooja centre.In this centre rituals such as pooja, abhishekam, homam & parayanam is performed by vedic brahmin priests for clients across the globe everyday.More than 8000

Clients have subscribed for our services from many countries like canada, australia, USA, UK and all over the world and the rituals are available with live demonstration in skype, whatsapp video call and similar web portals, where there is no need to step out of your house.

He has authored more than 12 books on various divine sciences of which the most important book is The Remedial Measures in Kalachakra which enfolds the understanding of remedial measure and it carries 108 situations and the way to solve it.

Kalachakra is an knowledge from tibetian esoteric system initiated by dalailama , which has its original roots in India. The initiation uses astrology and time based on various devathas. The book clearly illustrates the application of Kala chakra without going through the mumbo jumbo of tantric mantras or principles combined with vedic astrology. This is a very unique system of remedies .

He has appeared on televisions, indian papers, websites, radio shows .He conducts several astrological and non astrological courses like swara yoga, karma vipak, lineage karma, family karma, money manifestation, man and woman relationship, intuition, psychic ability etc

The websites who have partnered with him:

1. sify .com

2. rediff .com

3. inidainfo .com

4. oneindia .com

5. chennai .net

6. chennaionline .com

7. ganeshaspeaks .com

8. Bharatmail .com

9. Indiatimes .com

10. Astroyogi .com

Television presence in the following channels

1. JAYA TV – Daily Breakfast how on various spiritual topics for 5 years – 1500+ episodes

2. VIJAY TV – celebrity shows

3. PUDUYUGAM - daily show

4. SANKARA TV – weekly spiritual shows

Magazines where his predictions have been published:

1. Starteller

2. The week

3. Upbeat

4. Indian Express

5. India times

6. Deccan Herald

7. Hindu

Books written by him:

1. Mundane astrology

2. Practical applications of nadi astrology

3. Advanced numerology techniques

4. Marriage matching –{tamil}

5. Remedial measures based on kalachakra tantra

6. Tarot cards

7. Swarayoga

Radio shows:

1. Aired by Radio mirchi

His panel of websites:

1. Sathyaprema .com

2. Astroadheshrpo .com

His Mundane astrology predictions:

He has given more than 1500 mundane astrology prediction more than any astrologer including B.V.Raman, K.N. Rao, or Krishnamurthy Padyathi

Some of his very famous predictions are:

1. Death of LTTE Prabhakaran

2. Invasion of Iraq by America

3. Crash of stock market

4. Multiple world cup football predictions

5. India winning of back to back of Cricket world cup

And much more....

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