一位真神 - One True God

有神吗? | 真的有上帝吗? | 上帝的存在有无可辩驳的证据 (With English Speaking)
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Basic and Important Introduction to Gods and Religions (对神和宗教的基本和重要介绍)
Observable miracles of the true God (观察真神的奇迹)
Recognition of the personal name of the true God (认可是个人的名字)
Recognition of the last prophet of the true God (承认真神的最后一位先知)
Explanations of the signs of the true God (真神征兆的解释)


  • Listening in solitude and tranquility with headphones on (戴着耳机在孤独和宁静中聆听)
  • Listening completely neutrally (完全中立地聆听)
  • Using common sense, brain, logic and science while observing (在观察的同时运用常识、大脑、逻辑和科学)










几个世纪以来,地球上的人们一直在寻找他们的问题的答案并互相争斗,而没有建立一个真神的唯一真正的宗教,而且大多数人依靠书本知识、童话和历史,这些仅靠文字和经文是无法证明的 .





你还需要知道几个世纪以来宗教和精神领袖一直在向地球上的人们宣讲的上帝的名字(通过谷歌搜索),这样你就可以通过中立的生物将他们呼唤的上帝的名字与呼唤的上帝的名字进行比较21 世纪的自然(例如新生婴儿、牛、牛、狮子、鸡、母鸡、乌鸦、猫、小狗等)。

通过自然解开神之后,你就再也不会被那些以神的名义撒谎误导、背叛神、为假想神洗脑的人圈套了,你一定会毫无疑问地知道,自然的行为是自然的。在 21 世纪的现代科学和先进的相机技术中,只支持一位通过自然展示他的控制、力量和超自然奇迹的上帝。


注意:本课程是为中国人设计和准备的。 我用中文字幕和英文对话,因为我不太会说中文。 我使用 Google Translator 将英文单词转换为中文,因此如果中文有任何错误,请理解这不是人工翻译的作品。 但是,英语口语是我直接说的,所以它一定会帮助你更好地理解,谢谢你,祝你一切顺利!

*** ENGLISH ***

Is there any God?
Are there many gods?
Is there really a God?
Does God exist?
How many gods are there?
Is there only one God?
Are there two or more gods?

And so on.....

For centuries people of planet earth have been searching answers
to their questions and fighting each others without establishing the one true religion of one true God, and most people rely on bookish knowledge, fairy tales and history, which cannot be proven through words and scriptures only.

It massively increased hatred, enmity and wars among them due to which billions of people on planet earth are now emotionally, physically, financially, spiritually and mentally suffering.

Most of their leaders (religious, spiritual, political, science, magical, etc) have completely failed to establish peace in the world on global level there are billions of people now suffering due to poverty, illiteracy, ignorance, starvation, incurable diseases, theft, robbery, suicide and also prostitution of women.

In this crash course, you are going to unlock your mindset about myth of God only through nature, creatures of nature and pure physical miracles which are impossible to be replicated because only the God can perform them.

It is impossible for imaginary gods and goddess to perform such miracles through nature but before going into depth of gods and goddess, you need to know what is written about quantity of God in religious books of the world?

And you also need to know names of God (search them through Google) which religious and spiritual leaders have been preaching to the people of planet earth since centuries so that you can compare their invoked name of God with invoked name of God through neutral creatures of nature (e.g. newborn human babies, cows, oxen, lions, chickens, hens, crows, cats, puppies, etc) of the 21st century.

After unlocking God through nature, you will never be able to trap yourself by those who lie and mislead in the name of God or against the God or brain wash for imaginary and false gods and you will surely know without any doubt that behaviors of nature are supporting only the one God who is demonstrating His controls, powers and supernatural miracles through Nature in the 21st century of modern science & advanced technology of cameras.

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Note: This course is designed and prepared for Chinese people. I used sub-titles in Chinese with English speaking because I cannot much speak Chinese. I used Google Translator for conversion of English words into Chinese so if there is any mistake in Chinese language then please understand that it is not a human translated work. However, English speaking is directly from me so it will surely help you understand better, thank you and wish you all the best!

Who this course is for:

  • For Chinese who are wandering in search of the true God (为寻找真神而流浪的中国人)
  • For Chinese who are looking for evidence of God's existence (对于正在寻找上帝存在证据的中国人)
  • For Chinese who want to increase their faith in God (对于想要增加对上帝的信仰的中国人)
  • For Chinese who want to see the real physical miracles of God (对于想要看到上帝真实身体奇迹的中国人)


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