One hour Kotlin guide for beginners

Compact and quick Kotlin guide from Kotlin basic to OOP programming.
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Kotlin basic programming and object oriented programming with Kotlin


  • Be familiar with OOP(Object Oriented Programming) language like Java or C++.


One hour Kotlin guide for beginners is designed for students who are familiar with Object Oriented Programming(OOP).

You will learn the basic knowledge of Kotlin language and OOP programming with Kotlin. 

1. Objectives

  • Kotlin Basic programming
  • Object Oriented Programming

2. Contents

  • Welcome to Kotlin
    1. Introduction
    2. Setup

  • Kotlin Basic
    1. Kotlin file Structure & Package
    2. Variable
    3. Data type
    4. Array, List, Map, Iterator
    5. Function
    6. Conditional Expression
    7. Loop
    8. Property
    9. lateinit, lazy
    10. Null Safety

  • Kotlin OOP Programming
    1. Class
    2. Inheritance
    3. Abstract class, interface
    4. Visibility modifie

Who this course is for:

  • Java or Android app developers.


Over 15 years instructor experience
Tutlets Kkang
  • 4.4 Instructor Rating
  • 780 Reviews
  • 17,129 Students
  • 1 Course

Computer programmer and instructor in South Korea.

Over 15 years instructor experience.

Currently teaching Android App developing and Kotlin programming.

Expertise :

Java, Javascript, Android App 


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   깡샘의 코틀린 프로그래밍Teacher Kkang's Kotlin programming(2018/3). 

Youtube Channel:

   Teacher Kkang's Android programming (Korean)  - list=PLb-Pz7MT6klU9Obah9eDApOvRCl5rE_8g

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