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  • To be up to speed on the latest digital tools writers can use, please Google "top online tools for writers" to find useful articles with resources that you can apply after this course (there will be links to resources throughout this short course).


Caught in a Writer's Block?

This short and sweet course in designed to give you the jump start you need!

I write about 20,000 words a week - blogs, company materials, books, press releases, email marketing, you name it. Whether you're an experienced writer who needs a little motivation or a new writer looking for inspiration, this class brings it.

In less than the time you would take for a lunch break at work, I'm going to cover:

  • The importance of knowing the why behind your writing
  • Why all writing is advertising
  • How we're all writing the same stories, so we need to take different journeys
  • A few basic tips and tricks I've picked up along the way (for beginning writers!)
  • Why all writing must have a call to action

Consider this short course a cup of coffee for the heart. It will give the burst of energy you need to pick up a pencil, open a word processor, and start writing.


Who this course is for:

  • Novice writers with no training past high school
  • Experienced writers trying to break writer's block
  • Anyone looking for a quick laugh ;)


EdTech Startup Director, Bilingual, Ex-Actor, Author
Nathan Robertson
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I'm that funky Southern guy who speaks Chinese, works at a startup in Boulder, and wants to change the world.

I have over a decade's experience in public speaking: theatre, improv, film acting, motivational speaking, business pitching, trainings, and workshops. I'm also a writer / blogger / idea guy / video editor / amateur cook / not-so-amateur hiker.

I have helped thousand of students and teachers offline through my current work - and now I'm bringing it to you.

Buckle up.

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