Office 365 - Basics of Microsoft's Cloud Service

See why so many are embracing Office 365. Learn the benefits of using Office 365 and how is impacting all businesses.
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Identify what is Office 365
Why is Office 365 so popular
Benefits of using Office 365


  • No prior knowledge of "Office 365" is required.
  • A general idea of computers is helpfull
  • Should already be familiar with the Internet
  • Should already be familiar with Microsoft's Office software but not required.
  • All you require is to have an open mind and not to have any previous misjudgment on Microsoft.


"Office 365" is the way of the future in Information Technology (IT).

You should take this course as an introduction to Cloud Computing. It's also used as the foundation to all of my courses on Office 365.

For this course you don't need to have any type of computer or software.

We will cover the basic principle of this Cloud Service developed by Microsoft.

Some of the areas we will cover:

  • Features
  • Basic Design
  • Business Savings
  • Growth
  • Accessibility

The course is structured to give you a simple overview of "Office 365" and an understanding of why you need to know about this Cloud technology.

Don't be left behind in technology!!!

Basic knowledge of computers is all you need and an open mind.

There are 18 lectures in the course with 2 videos.

We take a look at the beginnings and what the feature holds for Office 365.

Come and join me and lets travel into the world of "Office 365".

Cloud Computing for All.

Who this course is for:

  • If you have heard the name "Office 365" but wondered what it was or why so many companies are embracing it, then this course is for you. No prior knowledge of any programming software is needed. This is just an introductory course into the fast expanding cloud service know as "Office 365".
  • If you don't want to be left behind in technology and want to understand the savings that business owners have enjoyed with Office 365 then come take a look.
  • This course is probably not for you if you aren't thinking about growing your business or saving thousands of dollars.
  • For users is an opportunity to see why Office 365 is expanding so rapidly


Instructor on Office 365
Robert Mira
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I am an IT professional who started its career as a computer programmer on IBM Mainframes. My programming experience involved Cobol and some variation of the Cobol language used in the military. As time went by the Microcomputers came along and I was fascinated by them because they were affordable to people. It allowed me to to experiment by building micro computers, installing and configuring software, upgrading hardware, software and teaching users how to use the computer applications.

I've taken courses all the way from programming to hardware and then to networking. But nothing is more challenging and rewarding than working hands on. You gain experience, knowledge, develop patience, troubleshooting techniques, workflow and networking with other professionals.

After some amount of time I became a Network system administrator on different Networks until i became a Windows NT network admin. I have worked with Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange, SQL and other Windows networking products. I worked on networks of over 5,000 users spread all across the US. The smallest network I worked on had about 1,800 users.

Eventually I was given the task to migrate our company's Microsoft Exchange users to Microsoft Office 365 in the Cloud. That project allowed me to work side by side with Microsoft Field Engineers and set up Office 365 for our company. We started from the ground without any experience on Office 365.

I gained a great deal of appreciation for the Office 365 cloud and the applications and technology advances that the cloud provides.

Once smartphones and tablets became widely used at the workplace I began working with several Mobile Device Management products in order to secure the data on the devices and at the same time protect our internal network from being compromised. Office 365 provided the functionality to integrate mobile devices with Office 365 and continues to provide applications for those devices therefore making Office 365 as the cloud of choice for the mobile workforce.

As part of the experience I gained by those that taught me I feel the need to teach others and make it available for the masses and Udemy is the best vehicle for that. With Udemy there are no barriers between what can be taught and to whom. We can reach everyone on any country or language and teach, what we had the blessing of learning in our life.

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