Numerous Negotiations: Necessary Skills to Succeed

Negotiation tactics and how to counter
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Major Terminologies
Integrative Negotiation
Zone of Possible Agreement
Overcoming Impasses
Obligations before Negotiation
Negotiation Skills
BATNA & Reservation Price
10 Negotiation Tactics & Countering


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This course gives all the essentials that one need in negotiation. It explains all the major terminologies that one need to be aware of in this intriguing field; then moves into how to overcome impasses (as it is a major terminology), what type of planning is needed before heading to the negotiation venue, what are the essential skills that one need to have owing to succeed, and at the end what are the major negotiation tactics that the counterparty might use and how to counter them. It also narrates the most influential quotes in negotiation and what can we learn from them; as well, it discusses the international aspect and incidents from Louiss XIV, the Sun King, to Paris Peace Talks in relation to Vietnam War, the Cuba Missile Crisis and many more.

Who this course is for:

  • Just like time management, everyone needs negotiation skills and tactics !

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8 sections10 lectures1h 5m total length
  • Introduction
  • Issues to be considered in negotiation


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