Number Systems For Beginners

Number Systems And Converting Between Them And Arithmetic Operations
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What is Number Systems
Types Of Number Systems
Decimal Number System
Binary Number System
Octal Number System
Hexadecimal Number System
Converting From Decimal To Binary
Converting From Binary To Decimal
Converting From Decimal To Octal
Converting From Octal To Decimal
Converting From Decimal To Hexadecimal
Converting From Hexadecimal To Decimal
Converting From Binary To Octal
Converting From Octal To Binary
Converting From Binary To Hexadecimal
Converting From Hexadecimal To Binary
Converting From Octal To Hexadecimal
Converting From Hexadecimal To Octal
Binary Addition
Binary Subtraction
Binary Multiplication
Binary Division
Signed Numbers In Binary


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I made this course as my first course at Udemy, It is a free course on number systems, expressing the values in each number system and converting values between them. This course does not required any pre-knowledge, even a laptop or PC. You can study any lecture in this course just with a paper and pencil, but you need to solve many examples on each topic in this course. I made many examples and questions to solve and I hope these are enough to understand number systems. I am also ready for any question from students.

I chose the number systems course as an Introduction about IT articles, and also an introduction to the new courses I will made which will be about programming and operation systems.

I know that many students that will watch this course will say 'Your pronunciation is bad', but, in these lectures I focused on the content and the information more than pronunciation.

I will listen to any criticize from students on the content and even pronunciation, in order to have a better courses later which will be on other and different topics.

After all I would like from students to tell me if my way of explanation is good for later courses ?

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  • Introduction
  • Decimal Number System (Two methods)
  • Binary Number System
  • Octal Number System
  • Hexadecimal Number System
  • Hexadecimal Number System Another Example
  • Digits
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  • Tiny number
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  • Day to day life
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My name is Ahmed Muhammed and I am a programmer, I've come to Udemy to make simple and informative courses that anyone can easily understand. I will try to give you the information as possible. I will record courses for Programming, and the information will be from different resources; books, videos, and even blogs. The idea is to make courses simple and unclouded with useless information.