Nordic Mythology and the Vikings.
4.0 (42 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
226 students enrolled

Nordic Mythology and the Vikings.

Live and Die without Fear and Shame
4.0 (42 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
226 students enrolled
Last updated 9/2019
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What you'll learn
  • Nordic Mythology and the VIking Way. How to Live Without Fear and Shame
  • History of Nordic Mythology and the Vikings
  • The ability to think outside your programming

Course Objectives

● Learn how the world was created and how it will end

● Become acquainted with the main gods and myths in Nordic mythology

● Understand how the Vikings thought and perceived the world

● Become inspired to integrate the knowledge and strength of this mythology into your life

Course Description

A fascination with the history and life of the Vikings is growing. Movies and television series about their way of life have had a surge in popularity. This online course offers a view into the Viking world and an understanding of its fascinating origins.

The culture that arose from this mythology created a self-reliant people with a great need to explore and expand their reality.

My intention is to guide you towards a life of strength and empowered integrity. As you delve into the reality of the Nordic mythology, you may become inspired to live a life without shame and fear. This course contains practical exercises which you can use in your own life. You may also share these powerful ways of thinking and being with others who wish to find their own way and power. By the end of the course you will have practical, academic and scientific knowledge about the Vikings and Nordic mythology.

You will, like the Vikings, discover how you can trust, and cooperate with those who share the journey. One of the earliest examples of actual democracy comes from the Vikings of Norway. They had councils which determined the laws of the land. Every free adult, including women, had influence and power in these assemblies. We might say that one of the reasons the Vikings conquered so much of the world was that women were powerful and respect.

Nordic mythology is a complete cycle,beginning with the creation of the universe and ending with Ragnarök, where all the powers of the universe clash in a great battle. In the end, the same powers of fire and heat that created the earth also destroy it. However, you will find that there is always a new hope rising.

In this world of mythology there is no clear definition of good and evil. The greatest of the gods can do bad things, yet the vilest of them can save the day and create unimaginable gifts for the future.

You will also become acquainted with the idea that the whole of existence can be perceived as a great tree, called Yggdrasil.

As you journey through this course, you may be astonished by the depth of insight and wisdom that pervade every story and myth. Your ability to understand humanity, and yourself, will be enhanced and enriched. You can:

● Become wiser

● Learn to empower yourself

● Receive an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the culture that created this mythology

You may be captivated to learn how much these myths have, at their roots, a common human understanding of the universe. Perhaps you will find it refreshing to encounter a mythology that does not condemn, nor speak of sin or even right and wrong.

In many respects, you will meet a worldview that shares many similarities with science. It is a worldview that also struggles with the conflict between the powers of chaos and the powers of order. However, it speaks in the language of stories and images and through the lives of powerful yet fallible beings who resemble humans. You will even encounter a graphic description of the relationship between the powers of chaos, the powers of order and the human way of life.

If you are a scientist, you may be intrigued by the depth of these myths and the practical wisdom contained within them. If you are spiritually open-minded, you may just enjoy them and smile with this addition to your search, your quest for diving deeper into the mysteries of life. And if you follow a specific religion, Nordic mythology may inspire a deepening and renewal of that which you already hold as your belief.

As you embark on this journey, imagine yourself following in the footsteps of Odin. By hanging himself from the tree of life, he falls and finds the runes of wisdom and insight. Odin is willing to let go of a reality he already understands, in order to be allowed to drink from the well that contains all the wisdom of the world.

So, I welcome you to do as Odin … let go and drink deep from the well of wisdom.

Who this course is for:
  • Those interested in Mythology, History,Psychology, Spirituality and Humanity
Course content
Expand all 46 lectures 03:30:06
+ The World View of the Vikings
5 lectures 36:26

Climb that age old tree and listen to  what it has to tell you

Journey on Yggdrasil

This text is here to help you to understand  how the VIkings perceived the world.

The World View of the Vikings

In this Video you will learn about the magic of the dwarves and how many of the wonders that exist in the World of Nordic Mythology was created.

Preview 06:51

This is an exercise where you travel in your inner world to find your own power

Inner Voyage : Find your Power
Quiz to Section 1. The World View of the Vikings
6 questions
+ Creation and Magic
6 lectures 15:34

Learn how the World was born from the Cosmic Vagina of Ginnunga Gap

The Birth of a World

Learn how to Nordic myth of creation in a simple way unites the scientifical theory of Big Bang, with a spiritual understanding of how life was born on this planet.

Ginnunga Gap Scientifically

The Runes were not only letters. They were magical sounds and symbols, used for creation and gaining consciousness.

The Runes a Sacred Language

Learn why gold was so precious for the dwaves
See the connectionbetween gold and pure light..

The Gold of the Dwarves

This is Odins words, as it was delivered inthe old texts

Odins Advice about the Runes

Inner voyage to find your sacred key

Inner Voyage. Find Your Sacred Key
Questions to Creation and Magic
6 questions
+ Odin and the Quest for Wisdom
6 lectures 21:19

You will se why Odin was the God for those that longed for more wisdom and deeper understanding.

Odin a god for Priests, Sorcerers, Seers, Seeresses, Kings, Queens and Warriors

You will get to know what happened when Odin Sacrificed Himself to Himself.

Odin`s Sacrifice

Meet Loke and learn what he and Odin did at the beginning of times.

Who is most Unmanly

To understand how important poetry were for the Vikings and is for Humanity wil be clear to you after listening to this story

The Mead of Poetry

Learn about the great gift that Odin gave to all men.

This is the story of Suttungs mead as Odin told it with his own words.

Odins story about how he got the gift of poetry

This is an inner voyage to get a better contact with your own magical gift of understanding and sharing the great stories of the world.

Inner Voyage Drink the Mead of Poetry
What do you know about Odins life and nature
6 questions
+ Loke and Thor The trickster and The Warrior
6 lectures 29:47
The Wall of Security
Loke and Thor Wit and Strength
The Hammer is Stolen. A Divine Drag Story
Thor and Loke from the Outer Rim
Thor on a Mission of Rescue and Peace
Inner Voyage. Meet and remove your shadow
Questions to Loke and Thor
6 questions
+ The Vanir. The gods for Wealth and Fertility
7 lectures 31:27
Meet The Gods of Fertility, Wealth and Satisfaction
Freya a Godess of Love and War
Love in the Time of the Vikings. Introduction to three Love Stories
Three Love Stories

To Sacrifice something is to make it Sacred

The Vikings often painted themselves with  blood from the animal they sacrified

Blot. The Nordic sacrificial feast
Vølse: A horse Penis in Onions and Herbs
Inner Journey. Visit the Halls of Frøya
Quiz about the Gods of Fertility and Wealth
6 questions
+ More Gods and Humanity`s Royal Heritage
5 lectures 30:58

This story tells us about how Heimdall created order in the human world and helped us to develop ourselves to a point where we would realize our royal and divine heritage.

Heimdall The Father of Kings

To see and understand the world of Nordic Mythology is like seeing a great woven tapestry, where all the threads are touching and interwoven with each other. In this text you will be given some of the "missing" threads that will help you to fill out the blank spaces and learn how all things are connected to make a beautiful tapestry of the world as it is explained in this Mythology

The Wild Bunch (or not so Wild)

This story is reflected in almost all fairy tales and mythology.

It is about light and darkness. The day and the night.... and how they can be united. 

Allwise and Sunshine....and Thor...

We know about apples as a sign of eternal youth in many mythologies. They are also connected with wisdom and knowledge. What happens with the gods if they can`t eat from the fruit that reminds them of their eternal and immortal nature.

Idunn and the Apples of Eternal Youth

This is an inner voyage, where you can change your perspective of yourself. Royalty is a question of perspective, not a question about wealth or human lineage.

Inner Voyage. Claim your Roayal Heritage

The Who. What and How quiz

All together now
5 questions
+ Ragnarok. The end and a new beginning
11 lectures 44:33

Understand The psychological and mythological depths of that which you are going to experience.

Ragnarök can be an inner event, as well as an outer.

It can be very simple.

As I let go of the old something new will emerge.
To get room for something new, something old has to go.

Make room and let go and be ready for a new birth.

Open the Doors to the last Ball
The Wolf is Chained
An invalid War god and a Chained Wolf.... good or bad?

The Gods stand at the edge of the cliff and try to hang on and find solutions.

Bad Dreams
Death and the Beginning of the End

Now is a good time to understand why Balder had to die and to get a glimpse of what is coming.

What Reallly Happened when Balder Died.
Coming Back from Hel

To understand the Why behind Ragnarök and the Nordic Myths, we need to peek behind the scenes in Loke’s inner life and try to understand what makes him do what he does. Is it evil, madness, self-destructive behavior, or some kind of wisdom that it is hard for us to understand?

Loke. The Twisted Son of Life.

You are prepared

Loke is prepared

The last steps on the voyage has to be taken 

To reach the destination that is Ragnarök

Insults and Accusations

As the old sinks
The new rises

The End...... and a New Beginning

You will be able to understand and share the wisdom and the insights that flourishes in these Myths.

Hopefully you wil be able to use them and live your life fully, without being blocked by the ugly Giants of Fear and Shame.

Welcome you are, and may you live long and prosper.

As this Expediton comes to an End, a New World Emerges within your Mind.