Essentials : Learn The 9 NLP Keys to an achievable outcome
4.3 (907 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
16,606 students enrolled

Essentials : Learn The 9 NLP Keys to an achievable outcome

Discover the 9 keys that every goal should consider if it is to be a success so that you can write, and achieve yours
4.3 (907 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
16,606 students enrolled
Created by Matthew Barnett
Last updated 5/2016
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What you'll learn
  • Select the right level of detail when writing goals - so that they communicate clearly with their unconscious goal getting machine
  • Understand the difference between towards and away from Motivation so that they can push ahead without roller-coasting
  • Take full responsibility for their goals - so that they can enjoy 100% of the benefits of achieving their goals
  • Set Goals with a compelling message that are motivating and empowering
  • No previous knowledge required
  • Yo may want to study the 5 principals for success
  • All yo need is an open mind and a willingness to learn

Welcome to this short course on success. 

What we are going to be delving into in this course on achieving your goals, is what we refer to in NLP as the Keys to an achievable outcome.These Keys have come about after extensive research and study into the principals and attitude adopted by people that consistently achieve their goals. When the creators of NLP started modelling successful therapists and other individuals that were known for their ability to hit their goals with apparent ease. They discovered that there are a number of traits disciplines and attitudes that these people adopt in their lives which consistently results in them getting what they set out to achieve.  What they did was to highlight the key aspects of these successful peoples approach and codify it into these 9 keys which can be easily learnt and remembered.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to improve their goal achievement rate should take this course
  • Anyone interested in NLP would get benefit from the course
  • Anyone who is interested in how the mind works would benefit from taking this course
Course content
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+ Learn the 9 NLP Keys to an Achievable outcome
13 lectures 34:12

Welcome to the course ! in this lecture Matt introduces you to the course and why learning the 9 keys to an achievable outcome with NLP is so important. Are you ready ? 

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The goal or outcome must be be stated in the positive
This comes down to motivation a lot, and , if you like the ‘why’ of what you have set as a goal. Why is it that you have this goal? What is it you are wanting to get out of achieving this goal or what is it that you don’t want any longer, the achievement of the goal being a to way to ensure you can get rid of a particular aspect of your life or behaviour. 

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We are motivated away from things we fear or will cause us pain and towards things that will bring us pleasure. 

Now this kind of makes sense, and you might be thinking, heck I am motivated either way so what is the problem?

  If you have ever had the experience that you life is a bit of a roller coaster, I speak from experience here. Then that is most likely something to do with a values issue.  I know this feeling only too well from personal experience and sure enough, most of my focus was on away from values, that is I was motivated to move away from some situation or another. And whilst this is highly effective at getting things moving, and indeed in the short terms getting things done, there is a fundamental problem with it.

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Part of successful goal setting and achievement is not only knowing where you want to get to but also knowing where you are currently. This is really important in determining whether or not a goal is realistic or not. Just quickly on that subject, you will hear a lot of personal development folk yelling and beating their chests with a high testosterone mantra that ‘anything is possible’ that you can do anything if you put your mind to it etc etc. And I tend to agree with that. But you know what, I think a lot of those guys miss the point a little

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The simple fact of the matter is, if you don’t know where you are going, you are unlikely to arrive there. You have heard it said in may different ways before I am sure and it is so true, imagine a game of soccer with no goals,  archery without a target. Imagine getting in a car and just driving, with no destination or map and see how you get on. The point is, that in order to move forward you must have a goal to achieve and you need to be able to specify that goal clearly and concisely. 

NLP Key 3 : Specify your outcome

‘How will I know that I am achieving my goal, or have achieved my goal” what evidence will there be along the way, and when you have achieved your goal that will make it absolutely undeniable. Ask yourself the question what is present in this moment that absolutely confirms the successful achievement of my goal. Then picture yourself in your mind, and float yourself down into your body, looking through your own eyes and reflect on your journey to where you are now and ask yourself, what happened along the way that was evidence that I was achieving my goal?

NLP Key 4 : Specify Evidence Procedure

In Nlp when we talk about congruency, we are referring to the physiology that accompanies our externalised dreams or goals. So what I mean by that is, does the physiology that you are communicating outward match the language that you are using, the conscious way in which you talk about what you desire. One of the questions you can ask yourself is “ What will achieving this outcome enable me to do ? Or what will achieving this outcome get for me” maybe you will get more time, maybe new doors of opportunity will open up, maybe there will be more chances for you to meet people e, to travel whatever it is is fine…

NLP Key 5: Is it congruent

If you don’t have a personal vested interest in achieving the goal then you will again give your self trouble further down the road. 

The part that often trips people up, is the outcome or goal self maintained. And by that what I mean does the successful completion of the goal relay on you and you alone? take advantage of any resources you can, call upon help from other people but at no point relinquish full and toal responsibility for the outcome you desire  and you will be well on track

NLP Key 6 : Is it self initiated or self maintained

This time, we are approaching the outcome or goal in the context of meaning. Does the goal you have and the picture of it in your mind tick all of the correct boxes?, and does it make sense in context, so in order to get this clear in your mind, you need to ask the question. Where how when and with who do I want this goal? And then go out  to that time in the future when you have achieved your goal and you should be able to gather all of he answers to this question

NLP Key 7 : Is it Appropriately Contextualised

There are many different types of resources, for example time, money, material things like equipment, software, machinery etc and there are less tangible items as well such as a positive attitude, confidence, creativity etc.

So to give your goal the best chance of success this key is crucial if you want to really get things going in the right direction. If you are working with a client and helping them to formulate a strategy for achieving their goals 

NLP Key No 8 : What Resources are Required

In this lecture on the keys to an achievable outcome we will be looking at Ecology. And ecology is the study of consequences really. And links also to the cause and effect equation and responsibility. 

Whether you like it or not, everything you do, affects something else, physically mentally spiritually, energetically. And The study of ecology gets you to consider the consequences of the pursuit of your goal and its ultimate achievement. 

We all have a responsibility to as best as possible I believe generate a positive energy around us. If you study the law of attraction you will realise that this is in itself a magnet to more positive things being attracted to you. Which means that you will find that your goal is achievement is quicker and easier if you operate with ecology. 

NLP Key No 9 : Does your goal have Ecology ?

In this lecture Matt wraps up the 9 Keys to an achievable outcome 

Conclusion of the NLP 9 Keys to an achievable outcome

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