Never Settle: How To Create Success In Your Love LIfe

The Essential Guide To Finding And Keeping Your Ideal Mate
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Learn how to use logic and emotion to create success in your love life
Attract relationship-ready men/women
Break patterns of negative thinking that are holding you back


  • You’re ready to build your dating foundation and prepare for future love
  • You’re a smart & capable woman/man, but know you need a shift in your perspective
  • Want to break the habits of negative thinking that are holding you back
  • Want to be more confident and in control of your results


I believe that you can approach success in your love life the same way you approach success in your business. I link being a great spouse to being a successful entrepreneur because they are often required to take full responsibility for where they are and that goes for when they are winning or losing. You may or may not own your own business but I assure you that taking a piece of your time each week to work on yourself in the area of love will drastically increase your chances of finding and sustaining it. The same way allocated time to learning in the area of finances will drastically increase your bank account.

Who this course is for:

  • Those serious about finding and keeping their ideal mate


Trevor Scott
  • 4.5 Instructor Rating
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  • 8,711 Students
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Trevor Treo Scott is no stranger to helping others. As an influential dating and relationship coach, he has an unrivaled ability to connect with a diverse scope of individuals.

Before helping others find their ideal partner, he began his career as an insurance broker. Throughout his tenure, he led hundreds of personal development trainings and empowered over 10,000 individuals to achieve more by becoming more.

While building his brand in the insurance industry, Treo experienced a devastating setback when a 5 year relationship came to a disastrous halt 2 months prior to his wedding day. Following the relationship's arduous demise, he was determined to show himself and others the difference between knowing a path and actually walking a path to living an exceptional life. Sharing his experiences with others became his ultimate purpose. His mission was to help others find the right partner so they can build a solid foundation for a lasting relationship.

Treo realized that choosing the wrong spouse has a direct impact on how one succeeds in life. Choosing incorrectly hinders productivity because so much energy is spent on fixing the relationship instead of the relationship being complementary to one's success. A successful relationship is something people can attract by the person they consciously become. Additionally, having such success can be taught. As he began to document his realizations, he deepened his scholastic research interning with an accredited marriage counselor and subsequently obtained a coaching certification.

Through his 60/40 principle of logic versus emotion, he lays out the blueprint on how to attract, identify and keep ones ideal partner. As shared in his book,Never Settle, “Anyone can find a spouse, but very few find their ideal mate. Finding is reserved for the searcher. However, the search is only successful if you know how to look.” Never Settle shows you how to look.

Known as the “Dating Designer” Treo's goal is to help you design your personal plan to find and keep “Mr. or Mrs.” Right. By living the phrase “actions speak louder than words,” his skills, research and life experiences were utilized when choosing his life partner. As he has done with countless others, Treo shares in his book how he used the same skills to navigate the complex dating scene to finding a valuable partner; which ultimately led him to marrying his amazing wife!

With the success of his workshops, private coaching and live events, Treo has helped several couples walk down the aisle, dozens of singles find love and countless others leave unfulfilled relationships to find their ideal partner.

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