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Advanced Strategies to grow your Network Marketing or MLM Business
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Strategies to help you go through each of the three stages to Network Marketing Mastery.
How to get your newest distributor their first commission FAST!
A simple blueprint for how to build your MLM using online strategies.
The mindset shifts that will create lasting results in your business and life.
Duplication strategies we have used to bring in over 10,000 new customers each and every month.


  • No experience required. Come with a willingness to learn and implement these high level strategies.


Network Marketing Mastery.

Hi my name is Matt Hall. I have been in the network marketing profession for 9 years and am also the host of the Network Marketing Mastery Podcast.

In this course you'll learn the mindset shifts and strategies that helped my wife and I scale our network marketing business to reach hundreds of thousands of customers in 50 different countries. These are some of the advanced strategies that helped us hit the top rank in our company.

I've discovered that there are three different phases of growth in your MLM Career and in this course I want to give you some of my favorite high level strategies to accelerate your growth through each phase.

Here's a list of some of the included trainings: 

  • Mindset, skillset and toolset mastery for MLM.

  • The 5 most important mindset shifts for your network marketing success.

  • The most simple strategy to create FAST duplication on your team.

  • How to drive momentum in your team.

  • The online network marketing mastery blueprint and where to focus your online efforts.

  • The 3 phases of network marketing and how to grow through each phase.

  • How to invest in your team to accelerate growth.

  • And much much more!

What you will not find in the course are trainings on the basic fundamentals about how to invite, present, enroll etc... Many videos and podcasts including my own have covered this kind of content. i wanted to bring you a few powerful concepts that if implemented, I know will help take your business to the next level.

Here's to your success!

Matt Hall

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is currently building an MLM business.
  • Anyone who is looking for ways to build a business and an income from home.


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Matt Hall
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Hello my friends,

My name is Matt Hall. I've been a full time network marketer for 9 years. Together with my wife Seantay and I have built a team of hundreds of thousands of customers and distributors in over 50 countries.

We are currently launching new teams in India, the Philippines, Japan, US, Europe, South America, Africa etc...  and love investing our time, energy and resources to help other succeed in this amazing profession.

We have achieve the top rank in a multi-billion dollar per year company and have one of the fastest growing teams in the world.

I live in the state of Utah in the US with my wife Seantay and 3 children Lincoln, Skye and Aspen.

I am also the host of the Network Marketing Mastery Podcast and can be reached at matt@mattmindset.com or @matt_seantay on Insta.
Matt Hall

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