.NET Core - 30 Most Important Interview Questions & Answers

Dependency Injection, Kestrel, Startup/Program classes, Advantages, Service Life Time, Metapackage
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.NET Core Interview Questions
30 .NET Core Questions for Interviews
.Net Core Crash course for interviews
.NET Core - 30 Questions in 30 minutes


  • C#, .NET Framework


This course will help you in preparing for the most important questions asked in .NET core interviews.

This course contains 30 MOST IMPORTANT questions with answers in detail.

The topics covered in this course are

1. .NET Core Advantages

2. Program.cs file

3. Startup.cs file

4. ConfigureServices and Configure method in .NET Core

5. Dependency Injection

6. Middleware

7. AddSingleton/ AddTransient/ AddScoped methods

8. Kestrel

9. Run, Use & Map method

10. Request Processing Pipeline

11. Metapackages

12. Model Validation

13. Error Handling

14. Routing

15. .NET Standard

Some Questions are listed here:

What is .net core?

What are the advantages of .net core over .net framework?

Explain default project structure in asp.net core application?

What is the role of program.cs file?

What is the role of startup.cs file?

What is the role of configureservices and configure method?

What is dependency injection in asp.net core? Or
how can we inject the service dependency into the controller?

Describe the service lifetimes in asp.net core? Or
What is the difference between addsingleton, addscoped & addtransient?

What is middleware?

What is kestrel? Or
What is in process and out of process hosting?


This is a very specific course which will only have .NET core interview questions.

No questions of C#, MVC and asp.net will be covered in this course.

Prior knowledge of C# is required for this course.

Who this course is for:

  • Those who are looking for .NET Core jobs


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