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How to negotiate with confidence & persuasion in any situation. Learn top negotiation skills for successful negotiation
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How to Negotiate in any Situation
How to Develop a Mindset for Negotiation
How to Develop Self Confidence in a Negotiation
Importance of Understanding the other Party & their interest in the Negotiation Deal to Close the Deal Successfully
Importance of Planning and Execution in a Successful Negotiation Deal
How to Speak Confidently in a Negotiation Deal
How to Persuade Others in Negotiation
Importance of Negotiation and When and How to Negotiate


  • Willingness to Learn and Practice the Learning
  • Need basic English Speaking Skill
  • You should be interested in Learning How to Develop Your Negotiation Skills
  • A Willingness to Make a Difference in Life
  • A Laptop or a Mobile Phone with Internet Connection


Most of us has multiple questions when we hear the word Negotiation.

  • What is Negotiation?

  • What are the Types of Negotiation?

  • How do I learn how to Negotiate?

  • Should I learn how to Negotiate?

  • Is it Negotiation Skills difficult to learn?

  • Once I learn Negotiation Skills, What's Next?

Most of the people, hate negotiation or stay away from a situation which needs negotiation. Majority are worried of what the other person will think about them,  They feel, Negotiation is socially awkward, too demanding, greedy, rude or even have a strong belief that it wont work, or they don't have the skills to do a negotiation. Most of us feel, negotiation is a battle and that is a problem.

Be it a new job where you want to negotiate the terms of your employment contracts or your are trying to get the best deal for a product or service or even when you are in middle of a merger and acquisition deal. Negotiation is an inevitable event in any situation.

But why?

Let me ask you a question?

  • Do you wanna learn how to improve your negotiation skills, even if you hate negotiation.

let me rephrase it

  • Do you wanna learn how to improve your negotiation skills, Even if you are afraid to get started with the conversation,

  • or Even if you don't know how to get started with Negotiation .

If Yes, then

Its about learning the principles and counter moves of the game, leaning how to negotiate removes stress, pressure and friction from your life. If you do not know how to play the game, you will be intimidated by the activity especially when the other party knows the game.

In this course i am gonna share 32 golden Principles that are proven psychological tactics, which you can use to improve your negotiation skills.

Successful negotiations are all about solving a problem rather than winning the battle.

When you find yourself in a power struggle then its guaranteed that you will loose the negotiation.


Invest in Yourself, Upgrade Your Skillset and Learn to Grow

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is Willing to Learn How to Negotiate in any Situations
  • Anyone who is Willing to Practice and Experiment What They Learn


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