Building the nation by developing the Nation- First spirit in its citizens.
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In today’s world, people are so engrossed in their day-to-day life that they are only able to think of their next

moment. They are concerned with fulfilling their rights. They have no time to think of helping others, building

positive relations in society and developing their nation.

How can nation-building take place in such a scenario? The answer is to begin from the beginning, through the

individual reform of its citizens. By addressing society in general we will not get anywhere. If we want to usher

in real change in a nation, we must first of all change individual thinking and conduct, so that citizens develop

national character in themselves by thinking of Nation-First. It is the national character of its citizens that plays

the most crucial role in building a nation.

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Centre for Peace and Spirituality
CPS International
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CPS International, the Centre for Peace and Spirituality, as is apparent from its name, is an organization, which aims to promote and reinforce the culture of peace through mind-based spirituality. Non-profit-making and non-political in nature, it is engaged in promoting peace and spirituality through inter-faith efforts. The Centre was founded in January 2001 by Maulana Wahiduddin Khan, an Islamic scholar who has adopted peace, spirituality and inter-faith harmony as the mission of his life. According to him, peace and spirituality are both, in fact, two aspects of the one truth. Positive thinking at an individual level is called spirituality; when this positive thinking reaches a collective level in society, it culminates in peace. The question is how should the message of peace and spirituality be spread? There are two ways of addressing people: one is at collective level and the other is at individual level. While most speakers prefer to address people en masse, Maulana Wahiduddin Khan has – to the point of sacrifice – chosen to interact with people at individual level. According to him, addressing a crowd does not yield any long-term results, for, in very large groups, the individual’s mind is never properly addressed, and therefore individuals – the building blocks of society – are unlikely to change.

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