50 Must Know Concepts,Algorithms in Machine Learning

Introduction to 50 Must know Topics of Machine Learning,Data science. Understand machine Learning Syllabus.
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Combined 50 Modules,Techniques,Algorithms of Machine Learning.
Introduction to must know concepts in Machine Learning which will help you to prepare for interview
You will get an idea of complete syllabus in Machine Learning
Learn how to Learn Machine Learning.
Improve or refresh knowledge in machine learning


  • Interest in Machine Learning
  • Basic understanding of machine learning algorithms


This course is designed to give you introduction to syllabus of machine learning. If you want to get started with machine learning then this course will help you. It helps you to get ready for an interview with 50 concepts covering varied range of topics. The course is intended not only for candidates with a full understanding of Machine Learning but also for recalling knowledge in data science.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to Learn Machine Learning
  • Anyone who wants to improve or recall Machine Learning skills
  • Anyone who wants to prepare for a Machine Learning interview

Course content

3 sections16 lectures56m total length
  • Introduction
  • Udemy Course Feedback
  • Different roles and salaries of machine learning engineer
  • How to become a data scientist
  • Udemy Review


Machine Learning Engineer
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